What to Buy a Wine Lover

If you know a wine lover and need to buy them a Christmas gift, you are in luck as there are many unique gift ideas to consider. Just knowing that a person is into wine is a big step to finding them a gift that they are sure to like. Much easier than finding a gift for the person who has everything, that’s for sure!

To help you in your search for the perfect present, here are some gift ideas for the wine lover in your life.

Personalized Wine Giftsunique wine gift

Personalized wine gifts, be it a personalized wine bottle or engraved wine glasses, are just two options to consider. There are also many cool and unique wine accessories that make great gifts for the wine enthusiast like wine chillers and wine journals. A wine-making kit is also a unique idea to consider.

One gift you may not want to buy is a bottle of wine from your local store. There are small vineyards and wine clubs that sell wine online which may interest your wine-loving friend or family member more than something they have access to already.

Or, depending on where you live, there may even be local vineyards you could purchase from. Just do a quick Google search for “wine vineyards Philadelphia” except replace Philadelphia with a large city near you. You may be surprised by what you find and so may your gift recipient.

You can personalize your purchase of a local wine or wine from a smaller vineyard online by including information from that winery. Add some cool wine glasses from a thrift store or local specialty store and tie it up with a ribbon to make the gift look personalized.

Wine Gift Baskets

Still having trouble finding the perfect wine gift? Try incorporating a few gift ideas into a basket. Add a bottle of wine and some ribbon and you have a lovely gift basket to give.

Add some smaller non-wine gift items to fill out your basket as needed. A bar of nice chocolate or a little fruit is nice for most people. Or add in some specialty items for the receiver like some golf balls for the golfer. Get creative.

Look for local wineries and add in a map (suggestions for searching online are given above) with the wineries circled. If you are on a tight budget and need a gift for a wine-loving friend, offer to take your friend to a local winery for a tasting. That should only cost you gas money and maybe lunch as wine tours are often free.gifts for wine enthusiast

Wine Accessories

There are many basic wine accessories available that would make great gifts for the new wine enthusiast or even just an affordable choice in dirty santa gifts. Check out items like wine chillers, wine aerators and electric bottle openers to start. There is even a wine-version of Monopoly if you need an original idea. Or maybe the wine trivia game called “Wine Wars” would be a fun choice for the more advanced wine connoisseur who already owns most of the general wine accessories we discussed.

Wine and wine accessories make great gift ideas for almost anyone who enjoys wine. They make an excellent choice for office gifts for the boss, employee Christmas gifts or for corporate client gifts also. Even if you just purchase a bottle of wine, be sure to make it special by choosing a unique label (like from a local vineyard) or by wrapping it creatively.

Wine gifts don’t need to be expensive, they just need to presented well or be something more than the standard bottle of wine from the local liquor store. Use your imagination a little and you may end up with a great Christmas gift idea for various people on your shopping list.