The Left-Right Christmas Gift Exchange Game

The holidays are almost here, and it’s time to start planning those family gatherings, Secret Santa celebrations and cookie exchange parties that always seem to overtake social calendars this time of year. Those who are in charge of planning these parties often find themselves a bit overwhelmed with the task of presenting entertaining party games to the gathering that are sure to make things super fun and enjoyable for everyone who attends.

left right gift exchange

The Left-Right Christmas Gift Exchange Game is just the thing to bring a fantastically fun twist to the gift giving portion of the party. With this game, party goers are asked to sit or stand in a circle, each holding their wrapped gift they brought for the party. The hostess will then assume the role of the Storyteller and begins to tell the unique story of Mr and Mrs Right and the two Right children.

Every time the word “left” or “right” is heard during the tale, participants must pass their gift to the person on either side of them respectively. There are many versions of the Mr. and Mrs. Right story, and it can easily be personalized and tailored to accommodate any gathering or special occasion throughout the year.

Here is one version of the story of Mr. and Mrs. Right:

Christmas was almost here and Mother Right was finally finishing all the holiday baking. Father Right and the two Right children, Sue Right and Billy Right, return from their last minute shopping trip to the mall. “Wow, there’s not much left to be done in here.” Father Right exclaimed as he came into the kitchen. “I’m glad we finally finished all of our shopping.” said Billy Right. “I don’t have any money left after buying all these presents today!” Just then, the phone rang and Sue Right jumped up to answer it. She rushed right back into the kitchen and announced to everyone, “Aunt Sarah Right just left a package for us over at Grandma Right’s, just outside the front door. I’ll go right now to get it and we can all see what she left us!” as she got her coat and left in a rush. Father Right left the kitchen soon after and starting setting up the Christmas tree.

After spending some time with Grandma Right, Sue Right left and headed home with the package from Aunt Right and when she arrived, she found Mother Right, Father Right and her brother putting the last of the decorations on the tree. The entire Right family cheerfully sang carols as they put the finishing touched on their holiday decor and quickly opened Aunt Rights package only to find that Aunt Right had put wrapped presents inside the box and left a note that told them “Don’t Open Until Christmas!” The Right children place all of the gifts they had bought and wrapped earlier in the day, as well as Aunt Right’s gifts from the box left at Grandma Right’s under the festive Christmas Tree and went to bed.

The Right children were so excited that they only had a few hours left before it would be Christmas morning, they believed they were never going to get to sleep. The finally drifted off as they hoped they had pick out just the right presents for their family. Now I hope everyone has the right gift that they wanted, because that is all that is left of Mr, and Mrs. Right’s story. There’s just one thing left to say, and the is Merry Christmas, isn’t that right? Time to open your gift!

People of all ages will love playing this game and are sure to add it to their own holiday traditions in the coming years. So start planning for the holiday season early and be sure to include the Left-Right Game for guaranteed fun to be had by all who attend.