Tablets are the Hot Gadget Gift

Computer tablets are the hot new thing as far as gadgets and sure to be one of the hottest gifts for the year.

But isn’t very easy to know which PC tablet is the best buy, either for yourself or as a gift for someone else. Many choices now exist, with the major players like Samsung and Apple being taken on by small manufacturers for the title of best tablet. Ultimately, the choice you make hinges on which specific features are a “must have” from this device.

This is a list of tablet features to take into account.

Apple or Android Operating System

You should have a minimal amount of information about the tablet’s operating system so you will understand which apps you can use. The App Store run by Apple is, as of now, the biggest in terms of number of apps, but competitors (Android Market for example) are growing all the time. The right tablet for you needs to be able to access the types of apps that you want to use, so take a look at the different app stores for the tablet that you’re considering buying.

Another thought about the operating system you may want to consider is what you are used to using. For instance, a tablet with Android would make sense if you already have a smartphone that uses Android technology. To find out which OS is most instinctive to use, you should first play around with several of the different varieties of tablets.


In the future, all tablets will use Wi-Fi to access the internet to make it easy. But an issue that may come up is whether or not a connection is still required when you are not in range of a Wi-Fi hotspot. Without Wi-Fi, you’ll need to buy a tablet with 3G or 4G and the mobile plan for your connection.

Added Features

What extra features would be great for a tablet? When comparing features, it is difficult to see a clear winner. One tablet may have a USB port and another may have 2 cameras. Ultimately you will pick one based on your needs and uses of it. Since tablet computers only have the most basic of cameras, if you don’t need one, then a tablet camera should be considered irrelevant. But if you plan to load pictures from your camera to your tablet, it is important to have a tablet that will accept your camera’s memory card.


Price is very important in choosing what to buy for most people. Tablets are typically more expensive than laptop or notebook computers. The expense is greater because of the newer technology and portability that tablets provide. However, a healthy range of tablet price points are available.

But remember, lower price generally means lower quality. Low-quality tablets are slower, and probably won’t have the best apps. 3G connectivity tablets are more expensive, as well as those that have extra storage options. Your best bet is to buy the highest-quality tablet that you can possibly afford, so that you don’t have to upgrade later.

Tablets as Gifts

Tablets are a great gift idea for a variety of people if you can afford it. Teenagers and college students in particular would be delighted to have a tablet PC. They can even make a great gift for wives or husbands, especially the ones that spend a lot of time on their laptops.

Some people have found having a tablet more versatile than an eReader, so if you know someone who has mentioned a Kindle or Nook, a computer tablet may be an even better gift idea for 2015. Even better, the new Kindle Fire is kind of a cross between and eReader and a tablet and pretty affordable. Some are even calling the Kindle Fire the best Android tablet, at least as far as features for the price.