Special Christmas Gifts for Moms

Each holiday husbands and children wonder what they should give mom for a Christmas gift. Moms are notorious for offering very few ideas to their loved ones when it comes to what they want for a present. Most mothers will simply say to forget about them on the holidays, and they tell their children to save their money and not waste it on a gift. Such evasive behavior and lack of hints makes it hard for children and husbands to shop for them.

Here are 10 Christmas gift ideas for moms

Handmade Card — A card made by a child, either young or old, captures a mother’s heart like few other gifts. The simple fact that a child, or spouse, took the time to make the card and express how happy they are to have such a mother is priceless. Its a gift that most mothers will hold onto until their dying die. Some mothers even opt to frame such masterpieces.

Hand Print — A plaster hand print of a child, young or old, makes and ideal, inexpensive gift that mom will love. Most craft stores sell hand print kits that come with everything that is needed to craft a personalized masterpiece.

Jewelry — Jewelry kits are widely available at stores. The kit allows the child to make necklaces or bracelets. A handmade piece of jewelry is worth more to most mothers then precious stones and diamonds.

Picture — Yes a simple, framed picture will thrill most moms. Especially if that the picture if of her children and spouse. Try to make the picture one that holds special meaning such as from a family vacation, holiday event, or other memorable occasion. Everything time mom looks at the picture she will be reminded not only of the day it was given as a gift, but also the day the picture was taken.

Candles — All moms deserve a bit of ‘me’ time. Candles help to sooth the senses. Pick ones with relaxing fragrances. Most moms will relish a bath surrounded by candles or a candle lit on a stormy night.

Bath Products — Bath products often go hand in hand with candles. They help to sooth mom’s nerves and make her feel like a papered queen for a day. Pick a fragrance that is especially close to mom’s heart to make it a personal, caring gift.

Spa Day — Moms, young or old, would relish a say spent at a spa. A day where mom can focus entirely on herself and forget about the every day stresses. Maybe throw in a certificate for a massage to help ease her tension. She is sure to leave the spa feeling refreshed and renewed.

Plants or Trees — Why give cut flowers when all they do is die? How about a plant that will live for years and remind mom of the special Christmas that she was presented with it. Try to pick and easy care plant. You might even want to buy her a tree that she can plant in the spring. A tree can be a gift that lasts not just during her lifetime but that of her children and her grandchildren.

Holiday Ornament — A personalized holiday ornament that will remind mom every Christmas of the special day. Ornaments often feature small messages or the date of the occasion.

Quilt — Photo stores now offer quilts that feature personal snapshot. Consider picking out a picture of the whole family and having it emblazoned across a warm quilt to help mom stay warm on a cold winter’s day.

No matter what gift a child or spouse buys or makes a mom it is sure to please her because it shows how much she is loved. The best gifts for mother are the ones that come from the people she loves, whether they are expensive or not.