Easy Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

There is nothing out there proving that last-minute Christmas gifts can’t still be great. Even with little time to spare, taking a few minutes for some creative thought processes can help you come up with something original. Let us take a look at some creative Christmas gifts ideas when you are working against the clock.

Christmas Shopping on the Clock

Since you don’t have much time and you’ll be limited to stores that are open until the last minute, you must be more creative than usual. You don’t have to come up so much with something perfect as an unusual twist on an ordinary item that fits the situation.

So you could try something like a basket and putting together a unique food basket with some sort of small, fine clothing or jewelry item in the center. Think in terms of the personality of the recipient. Sometimes these combined gift baskets make delightful holiday gifts.

Shopping Online for Quick Christmas Gifts

Last minute Christmas presents are not difficult to find online. You need only drop by Amazon to see examples of all sorts of gift ideas and a list of the most popular Christmas gifts. There are plenty of other options as well.

The main thing is to remember that you’re on a last-minute time crunch so begin your search at any given store with a preview of fast shipping options and delivery time guarantees.

And if the gift recipient is a friend or family member that lives far away, then shipping directly from the online store will only speed up the process. But either way, be prepared to pay more for guaranteed shipping in time for December 25th.


Last-Minute Romantic Gift Ideas

You’re going to be sorry if you don’t come up with something good for that someone special at Christmas. You actually have more options here, but a romantic or favorite meal for two is generally safe. You can make the meal yourself at home or plan a special night out dining at one of their favorite restaurants.

Spend your last minutes before Christmas making it romantic by purchasing that special person’s favorite ingredients and drink if staying home. Get some candles to provide that extra-special feel of a well-planned, long-anticipated romantic evening meal.

If you decide to go out, make it a special night. Look for local attractions or shops in the area that you can also visit while out. Or find a quaint place to go after dinner for coffee and desserts.


Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For Men

If you are having a hard time thinking of a Christmas gift for a male, and it is a last minute gift, there are several standard items that could save the day. These are the kind of gifts that you would be able to get as late as Christmas Eve if you didn’t have another option.

Gifts Delivered Electronically

If you are buying a gift that you want delivered instantly, there are many more options on the Internet nowadays. A few of these Christmas gift suggestions for males consist of vouchers from iTunes if he likes music, videos or apps. If that’s not personal enough then get him a few eBooks at Kindle store or somewhere. These choices are great at the last minute.

Shaving Presents

Buying men shaving supplies is always a pretty safe gift, because they use them up so quickly. For example, assembling a gift basket containing men’s care products such as aftershave creams and colognes, or a brand new shaving machine is a perfect choice when you have some time to devote to. If you desire it to have a personal touch, then wrap it up in a beautiful package. Don’t worry if you can’t make an immediate purchase, as many stores usually have a big supply of gift sets such as those during the Christmas season.

Sporting Event Passes

A great Christmas gift idea for a man that can be purchased instantly, are sports game tickets. If the man in your life is a sports fan then he will love this gift – simply book the tickets online and have the confirmation of booking forwarded to him. He won’t realize that you just thought about this as a last resort.

Golf Gifts

What guy doesn’t love playing sports from the comfort of their own home? Now guys can when a person gets their friend their very own putting green. These putting greens will give a man the chance to put from their home, whether it’s in their living room or bedroom.

And, a lot of these putting greens have an automatic ball retriever system. So when the guy hits the ball in the hole, it will be sent back to their direction. This putting green allows men to putt whenever they want, so they can enhance their short game for when they go to play a round of golf with their friends or coworkers. In fact, this makes a great idea for an inexpensive gifts for coworkers.

Movie Discs

If you need suggestions for gifts then it is easy to do Christmas Eve shopping and pick DVD movies as a safe choice. At this time of year everybody enjoys movies and he will certainly find some he likes. If he prefers games then buy him a popular new game release. A great deal of men enjoy movies and games, and you will probably be able to find a wide range in stock, even at the last minute.

Gadget Gifts

Finally, if you’re purchasing a gift for the type of man who adores gadgets, go to the store on the evening before Christmas and look at the various gadgets that are available. A MP3 player is available for purchase, eBook readers are a option, or just anything else that is cool.

Women’s Gift Ideas

Women love being treated with beauty products, so if a person is shopping for a woman, they are in luck. A person may not have a lot of time left for shopping, so they can always order something online. For women, spa gift baskets are ideal. These gift baskets come equipped with a lot of important beauty products, whether it’s facial creams or shampoos.

Bath fizzers are important items that come in these sets, as they will have a woman’s skin feeling smooth and smelling great after they take a bath. Body lotion is also an important item that comes in these sets. People can personalize the gift basket by creating a lovely note to go in the gift basket.

Last Minute Kid’s Gifts

If a person is shopping for a child, then they are in luck. There are a lot of gifts that will have them entertained for hours, but one of the best things to get them is a remote control helicopters. Children love controlling their own devices. It gives them a sense of independence.

RC helicopters give a child the chance to fly their own device, whether it’s inside the house or outside in the backyard. RC helicopters come in many different sizes and colors, allowing a person to choose the perfect model for their friend’s child or even their own child. And, a lot of these helicopters come with extra propellers, so even if a child crashes their plane, they will have extra propellers to keep their RC helicopter going.

Ideas for Everyone


Everyone loves chocolate, so if a person is struggling finding the right gift, whether it’s for Christmas or for a birthday, a hot chocolate mix bag is ideal. This gift set comes equipped with a lot of important, tasty items, such as a coffee mug, hot chocolate mix, and a bag of marshmallows.

Everything a friend would need to make a great cup of hot chocolate is included in this gift set. And, a person can personalize the gift basket with a personalized card. Putting a unique message in the card will really make this gift set that much more special.

And even if you just don’t have the time to get a gift by Christmas, there is still hope. Put together a personal Christmas gift card that promises something in the future. For instance, you could give the recipient a card promising him or her a special dining out experience at a favorite restaurant on a future date or that promises a shopping trip to a favorite store to pick out a gift. Or, if appropriate, you could purchase tickets online for a future sporting event or concert to give on Christmas.

It’s the Thought that Counts!

Remember that it really is the thought that counts in getting the best gifts. In other words, the more you can make it look like you were thinking about it, the better off you’ll be, regardless of whether or not you’ve not taken the time to come up with your original Christmas gifts until the last minute.

Thanks to the last minute gift ideas listed above, people will not have to have a hard time when searching for their friend or family member. And don’t forget that you can have an Amazon Gift Certificate emailed to someone within a matter of minutes which is more like a last second gift!

The underlying goal is to show a caring sentiment to the recipient. Keep this in mind and just take the time to put some thought into your gift.