Inexpensive Gifts for Women

If there is a lady that is dear to your heart and you didn’t put her on your Christmas list there are still several nice holiday gifts that she would appreciate. Even for someone who only has a day to shop for Christmas presents, these gifts should be quite easy to find. Just consider her personal preferences and style, then she will like your thoughtful gift.

It can be especially tempting to look for “high-end” gifts when trying to find just the right thing for a special woman, after all, the significant women in people’s lives– wives, girlfriends, mothers and the like– do so much.  When a special occasion arises, it is difficult not to go directly to the jewelry counter and begin considering the prettiest thing there.

Most people these days, however, cannot afford such luxury.  And there is no reason to quantify love or appreciation with a dollar amount.  The truth is when a special occasion comes up or when a gift is given “just because,” the woman in question will likely just appreciate the thought that goes into a gift.  Most people want to know that they are being thought of and that they are known.  In such cases, the right gift will mean a lot more than an expensive one.

Pamperingspa day

Sometimes a gift that offers to do something for her that she might not do for herself is a great way to show appreciation.  Think of things that pamper her a little bit, like a manicure or a trip to the hair salon. If the giver is really strapped for cash, he or she might try putting together a nice basket with bubble bath, chocolates, candles and a big fluffy towel.

Then set aside a specific time for her to enjoy this gift when she doesn’t have to deal with children or field phone calls.  These are things that don’t have to be expensive, but for a little while can make her feel like a queen.  And doesn’t she deserve to feel like a queen?


These are gifts that really do require a lot of thought.  Usually, however, they do not require a whole lot of cash.  Sometimes, they can be novelty items like silly lobster-shaped potholders that remind her of that trip to Maine.  A thoughtful gift can also be terribly sentimental, like recreating her wedding bouquet or putting together a scrapbook of a special event.

Sometimes, a thoughtful gift requires paying attention to what she likes or noticing when she admires something and going back to pick it up later.  A thoughtful gift shows that someone is paying attention to her and cares about seeing her smile.

Practical Gifts

Sometimes the best gift is a practical one, something that makes her life easier in some way.  This could be something as seemingly unromantic as taking her car in for an oil change or simply doing the dishes and putting away the laundry.  This could also be a bread maker or crockpot so that she can enjoy a nice meal when she gets home from work.

These are not gifts that can be given to just anyone– it takes knowing someone pretty well.  If she’s mentioned how nice it would be to have meals waiting when she gets home from work or how she  just doesn’t have time to get an oil change, then your gift might be welcomed.  Usually, these gifts are best given “just because” and not on special occasions.

Something Personal

Many of these fall into the “so kooky it’s sweet” category.  These are also things that require knowing someone pretty well.  A mix CD of her favorite songs might sound very 1999, but it shows an intimate knowledge and understanding of what she likes.  Framed photographs are also nice, but it takes creativity—and sometimes a little effort—to pick just the right photo.

And never underestimate the power of baking up her favorite treat.  These gifts could even be put together into a basket with the bubble bath mentioned earlier for an extra special treat.

Finding the right gift for a special woman does not have to be expensive.  The best gifts require more thought than money.  What women—and probably men, too—really want is to be recognized.  They want to know that someone knows them, remembers the important occasions and that someone cares.