The Hottest Gifts for 2018

Are you ready for Christmas? How about shopping?

To help you with choosing gifts for your family and friends, I have composed a list of the hottest Christmas gifts for 2018 below. I am really just focusing on two categories here, electronics for adults (and young adults) and most wanted Christmas gifts for kids. These two categories are always hot holiday sellers and there is always new stuff coming out, so this will cover the majority of bestsellers for the year.

After the list of hottest gifts I have also provided some other general gift ideas as well as some affordable gift ideas. Let’s get started!

Hottest Electronic Gifts 2018


Fujifilm Mini 8 Instant Camera

If you are old enough you will remember Polaroid cameras. This little camera is a lot like Polaroids except, smaller and cooler. In the days of digital cameras and phones where many pictures never see the light of day, this is a great option to have around. This mini camera will produce instant pictures that print out for immediate use and sharing.

This is a fabulous gift idea for a tween, teen or even a college student. Pictures can be taken and shared with friends or placed in a scrapbook without the hassle of uploading and ordering them. Comes in a variety of colors depending on whether you are buying for a boy or girl. And if you are buying as a gift for a younger adult or teen, be sure to throw in some extra film and maybe even the cute matching carrier case.

Learn more about the Mini 8 Instant Camera here.

The Amazon Echo

This is my vote for the hottest and amazon echo reviewcoolest electronic gift for 2017. The Amazon Echo is a voice-activated speaker that can not only play music but also read audio books and report the weather. All you have to do is ask! Echo is also a smart device that can control things like turning your lights on and off.
All you need to run this device is WiFi. It’s like a audio-based iPad almost. Just ask it a question or ask it to do something and it is done. This is a cool gift idea for so many people, especially those people who have everything and are so hard to buy for. Great even for older parents and grandparents, although you may have to help with set up.

Check out the Amazon Echo here. For a cheaper option, read below.

The Echo Dot

If you think the Echo above is cool but a bit out of your price range, be sure to check out the Echo Dot. The Dot is a much smaller version of the Echo that has many of the same features but at a much lower price. The main thing missing from the Dot are the high quality speakers but that can be circumvented by by speakers separately if playing music is a high priority

This is a really cool gadget and a great gift idea for college students and teenagers. This would also make a unique gift for employees from a boss.

Learn more about the Echo Dot here.

The Kindle Fire

amazon kindle fireAmazon’s addition to the tablet market  created quite a buzz a few years ago! The Kindle Fire is a 7 inch tablet that was designed primarily for media consumption – books, videos, etc. But since it runs off an Android operating system it can also be used with popular Android apps like Candy Crush and Clash of Clans. You can also use the Fire for surfing the internet and checking email.

Each year Amazon makes some improvements to the Kindle Fire and yet the prices continue to come down. The basic Kindle Fire is reasonably priced making it a perfect choice for those looking for Christmas gifts under 50. There are also a larger sizes (6, 8, and 10 inch screens) available which compete more directly with Apple’s iPad and iPad Mini. Now, the Kindle Fire is very different than the iPad and the iPad will still be the tablet of choice for many people, but at such an affordable price and with the tie in to all of Amazon’s media goodies, the Kindle Fire  is a great device and I predict it will be THE hottest Christmas gift again this year.

CLICK HERE to compare the options in Kindle Fire

kindle paperwhite review

The Kindle Paperwhite

Along with the updates to the Kindle Fire, Amazon is also releasing an updated version of it’s Kindle line which will now include the basic Kindle, the Paperwhite and the Voyage. The Kindle Paperwhite comes with a whiter screen that most people will find easier to read from as the contrast is much higher than with the basic Kindle eReader. The Voyage has improved text resolution, PagePress and an adaptive light sensor. The basic Kindle will now have a touchscreen making it easier to use.

But another benefit of the additions to the Kindle family is the variety of price points with the basic Kindle costing under $100. The Kindle has always been considered to be the best eReader available for general eBook reading but now it is available with various features and at various prices. Many people who maybe couldn’t justify the cost of a dedicated eReader will be likely to buy. The low price option also makes it a relatively affordable gift option. All that combined makes these three Kindles a hot gift for the year.

Click for more info on the Kindle Paperwhite

The Logitech Webcam

webcam gift
If you want to post a video on Youtube or talk with friends or family on Skype, a webcam comes in very handy. For the younger generation of adults a webcam is second nature, but even older generations can see the value of seeing and hearing their kids or grandkids that live miles away.

The best webcam by Logitech provides HD quality shots and the prices have been dropping over the years. You can now find very reasonably-priced models that will fit most people’s budgets. As everyone moves more into online social avenues I expect webcams to eventually be found in every home with a computer. That makes them a great gift idea this year.

CLICK HERE for more information on the Logitech Webcam

The Roku Streaming Stick

Most people are now getting their video rentals through online subscriptions with Netflix, Amazon and others. Not only is it easier to just pick a movie without leaving your house, it’s also cheaper if you rent enough movies. Online movie rentals have become so popular that most video rental stores have closed down, at least in my area.

While a newer television, blu-ray player, or even Xbox One can stream videos to your television, not everyone has a compatible device or the streaming may not be optimal. The better for solution for many people is using a dedicated streaming device like the Roku  or the new Amazon Fire TV stick which allows easy streaming of movies from Netflix and Amazon and other media agents. With well under a $100 price tag, this is a nice gift idea for the family who loves movies or has multiple TVs.

CLICK HERE for more information on the Roku Stick

The Apple iPad Mini

ipad for christmas
The iPad has continued to be the bestselling tablet and I don’t see that ending anytime soon. Especially now with the release of the updated  iPad Mini. Many people are finding the Mini to be the perfect size for day-to-day use.

The great thing about the iPad is that even earlier versions of their products still work fantastically. You can pick up an early model iPad Mini at a lower price than the most current model and it will still work great. The price tag may put it out of the gift budget for some people, but it is still a hot item for 2017.

See the Apple iPad Mini 2 with Wi-Fi

gitfs for everyone

The Garmin GPS

While some people like myself still manage to drive around without a GPS system I will be honest, I do sometimes get lost. And I wouldn’t mind just plugging my destination into a GPS and going rather than printing out directions for

Google Maps. Plus, you can sync your bluetooth-enabled phone with this device and talk hands-free.

If there is anyone at all who drives a car on your list, this is a great gift to consider. Even better for the frequent travelers or long commuters. These GPS systems have been bestsellers for the last year or two and the features just keep getting better.

CLICK HERE for more info on the Garmin GPS

Hottest Toy Gifts 2017


What are STEM toys you may ask? STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math. These are educational toys that help a child develop and shape their skills in these important areas. If you are shopping for a child who is strong or just interested in science and math, these toys can make the perfect gift. But even for a child who may not seem terribly interested in these areas, the toys from these categories can help introduce them to the ideas and concepts they will come across in school. Yet in fun ways.

The types of toys you can find are building sets, robotics, chemistry kits, microscopes and much more. Amazon has a great list of STEM toys that can be categorized by age or subject (math, biology, etc. ) to help you make the best selection. Be sure your choices are age-appropriate.

Check out Amazon’s list of STEM toys
gifts for the minecraft lover

Minecraft Toys

The popularity of the computer game Minecraft has now moved into general merchandising in a big way. This game is very popular with a variety of ages (including adults) but boys age 10 and up seem particularly intrigued.

For kids who love the game, an action figure from the game is a simple and fun gift idea. The Minecraft plush creeper is also cute and quite inexpensive. For older kids (6-12), the Stop-Motion Animation Studio is something to consider. There are also shirts, foam toys, lego sets and other miscellaneous items that could make great stocking stuffers.

CLICK HERE to see the bestselling Minecraft gift ideas

Love2Learn Elmo

Can you have a list of hottest Christmas toys without including Elmo? I don’t think so. Let’s not forget the frantic rush years ago to buy a Tickle Me Elmo doll for every toddler and preschooler living.

Well, Elmo is back this year and ready to help your child learn. Parents can program Elmo using the accompanying app to create a personalized program for their child. He will also talk and sing to your child or they can just learn to count together. This Elmo toy is getting great reviews already from his fans and is sure to be a big hit with the younger crowd at Christmas time.

CLICK HERE to check out Love2Learn Elmo
gifts for lego lovers

Lego Sets

Legos have been around for decades and have always been fairly popular. But their newer releases of various themes like Stars Wars and Harry Potter have expanded their market. Legos are no longer just building blocks for preschoolers, the more complicated sets are targeted to ages 8 and up. For girls be sure to check out the “Friend” sets.

This year the Minecraft sets seem to still be the bestselling following the popularity of this game among school-age kids. But there is no shortage of themes, that is for sure and Star Wars sets are most popular again after the recent addition to the movie saga. For toddlers the basic Lego building set is a top seller every year. Lego sets are once again a hot gift idea for kids and especially cool toys for boys ranging from 2 years old up to 10 years old.

CLICK HERE to see some of the bestselling Lego Sets for 2018


hatching toy
Hatchimals are the newest and likely the most wanted Christmas gift for kids for this year. These cute little creatures come secure in an “egg” which must be cared for until the Hatchimal inside is ready to come out. While inside the egg, the Hatchimal responds to touch and tapping through it’s touch technology. Once hatched, the animal continues to mature from baby to adult.

There are currently two types of creatures, the Pengualas and the Draggles. The release date was at the beginning of October but supply is already having trouble keeping up with demand. So if you see one available, you better snatch it up. Recommended ages are 5-10 years old.

CLICK HERE for more details on Hatchimals
nerf gun

Nerf Hyperfire Blaster

What can I say, you can never go wrong with a Nerf gun. Especially if you need a cool toy for a boy although girls enjoy these also (particularly if their brother has one!). This newest gun by Nerf is a rapid-fire shooter and the fastest motorized dart blaster. As with all Nerf products, the darts are made of a soft foam so kids don’t hurt themselves or others.

This blaster holds 25 darts which can be shot up to 90 feet. If you are buying this as a gift it is also good to buy an extra pack of darts since they tend to get lost over time. And don’t forget the batteries (four “D”s) as every kid will want to play with this as soon as it is opened but not every parent has extra D batteries lying around. Ages 8 and up.

CLICK HERE to see the Nerf Elite Hyperfire Blaster

For the People Who Have Everything


Presto Waffle Maker

This is one of those gifts you probably wouldn’t buy for yourself but you would be happy of someone else bought it for you. I know I would. Great for families with young kids or even retirees who enjoy a nice breakfast each morning but don’t want to spend too much time on it.

This Belgian waffle maker is easy to use and to clean. Just pour the batter in, flip to spread, and in about 4 minutes you have a lovely waffle. When not is use, this device can be folded up and stored away. At such a reasonable price, this waffle maker would make a great mid-priced gift for many people on your holiday shopping list.

Click here to see this Belgian Waffle Maker by Presto.

Grace Digital Mondo

wifi music player
The Grace Digital Mondo is a bestselling WiFi Music Player that can be used as a portable radio or alarm clock. Using WiFi and apps you can listen to thousands of free radio stations, news, podcasts and more. There is also a customizable alarm clock feature built in.

This internet radio device also allows you to stream music from your computer, iPhone or Android phone. Use it in your bedroom as a radio alarm clock or use it around the house utilizing the rechargeable battery pack. This is a great gift idea for the music lover or for a college student.

CLICK HERE for more information on the Grace Digital Mondo

red cross weather radioRed Cross Weather Radio

Emergency supplies like this radio are one of those things you may not buy for yourself but are happy to have if someone buys it for you. There have been so many weather-related issues across the country the last few years that I think everyone sees the value in being prepared for the worst. It’s also great for campers and the outdoorsy types.

The benefit of these emergency radios is that they can be used when there is no power. This model comes with both a solar panel and hand crank for use without electricity. There is also a flashlight and a USB charger for charging your cell phone which could be critical in an emergency. Considering the price, this radio is a great gift for just about anyone.

CLICK HERE to see the Red Cross Weather Radio

The Keurig K55 Coffee Maker

keurig gift
I am sure that the Keurig isn’t new to you. It’s been around for a few years and has quite a following. Of the various single-serve coffee makers on the market, Keurig is still generally recognized as the best. And the reason that the Keurig makes such a good gift is because there are many people who just wouldn’t buy such an expensive coffee maker for themselves, yet they would be happy to own one.

One thing to keep in mind though is the cost of the K-cups that must be used with this system. If the gift recipient can’t afford the additional cost of coffee or tea that occurs with this system then you may want to rethink this idea. There is a reusable filter that can be purchased separately but reviews are mixed. Still, this is a great coffee maker and perfect for people who entertain a lot.

CLICK HERE for more details on the Keurig K55 Brewer

car speakerphone

Car Speakerphone

This is a neat little gadget that allows you to use your cellphone in the car hands free. Just attach the speakerphone to your visor and sync up your cellphone and you can now make and answer phone calls without touching your phone.

There are a few models of in-car speakerphones available and each has their pros and cons. The speakerphones made by Motorola and Jabra seem to be the best rated with prices ranging low to high. If you know someone who talks on their cellphone a lot and doesn’t have a new car with this feature already included, this is a great gift idea.

CLICK HERE to see the top selling Car Speakerphones

Easy Gift ideas

Amazon Gift Cardgifts cards for people who have everything

Since Amazon sells just about every item under the sun, an Amazon gift card is a great choice for anybody. Some people think giving gift cards as a gift is tacky but I think that depends on the recipient. I prefer to give a gift card to a teenager or young adult and just let them get what they want. I’m willing to admit I’m not as young or hip as I used to be.

Amazon gift cards also make a great last-minute gift when you have forgotten to buy for someone on December 24th. You can have the gift card emailed directly to the recipient or print it out yourself.


gifts for movie buffs

Movie Gift Card

A Movie gift card is another great choice for teens and college-aged students. You can purchase either a Regal Cinema or AMC gift card.

These can actually be purchased at many different retail stores so they work in a pinch also. Also a nice stocking stuffer.


Inexpensive Ideas (gifts under $50)

If money is tight or you just need some low budget gift ideas for acquaintances, here are a few ideas:


Zippo Hand Warmer

If you have someone on your lists who spends a lot of time outdoors in the winter, this is a neat gift. Great for sporting events, for the sports fanatic or for the great outdoorsman. See it HERE.



Essential Oil Diffuser

diffuserThis is one of those things you may not buy for yourself but you will end up loving as a gift. These devices are an easy way to diffuse essential oils to help with relaxation, sleep, or just to make your house smell good. I bought one for my teenage daughter to help her sleep better and she loves it. So it would work for adults or teens, really. Consider also buying an essential oil sampler set to round out the gift or if you just want a budget option, just add a bottle of lavender (which works for almost anyone. Check it out here.



Himalayan Salt Lamp

These salt lamps are all the rage now. The claim is that they purify the air and are good for your health. Whether that is true or not, they are very beautiful, especially for the price. I have two of these in my house and just love them. They make a great gift idea for just about anyone!  This one is the exact one I have.




Cuisinart Hand Blender

Okay, this is probably most appealing for women but it’s one of those things you can use but may not buy unless you cook a lot. Great for making soups. See it HERE.



Wine Bottle Opener

Many people drink wine and this electric bottle opener is a nice accessory. Bundle it with a bottle of wine for an even nicer gift. See it HERE.




Desktop Charging Station

Nowadays there are many devices competing for USB ports like your camera, iPad, iPod, etc. This hub makes connecting and recharging multiple items much easier. A great affordable gift for the gadget lover. See it HERE.



There really are some great products out this year for Christmas and this list of best Xmas gifts 2018 is a great start. I have also now added some additional gift ideas for specific people like gifts for men or gifts for women to the blog. See what I came up with on the post entitled Most Popular Christmas Gifts 2018.

Hopefully you can get your shopping done early and find some great deals!