Holiday Crafts for Kids to Make for Parents

Holidays are the season for getting together with family. Holidays are a time for enjoying family traditions like baking cookies, watching favorite movies and enjoying a delicious home cooked meal. Holidays also bring the stress of finding the perfect gift for your loved ones. Make your holiday even more special by making holiday crafts for parents, grandparents, siblings or teachers.

Below are several ideas to help you get started on your craft extravaganza.

Hand Print Flower Tote Bag

Items You Will Need
13 inch Tote Bag (3-pack can be found at Michael’s for $9, individual bags for $4)
Non-toxic fabric paint
sponge brush
paint brush
paper plate

Place tote bag flat on table. You may want to cover the table with newspaper
or plastic bags to help contain the mess.
Place drops of the non-toxic paint on the paper plates
Using a sponge brush, cover hand in paint with sponge brush
Press hand print on to tote bag. Repeat to make a circular pattern to create the flower petals
Using the paint brush, paint in the center of the flower and a stem with a leaf
You can further personalize this my adding a person’s name on the tote bag
Dry for about four hours

Magnificent Storybook Magnets

Items You Will Need
Favorite storybook or comic book characters.
Print or cut out of worn out comics or books
Laminating sheet or contact paper or sticky back plastic
Adhesive magnet tape

Cut out images of your favorite story book or comic book characters. You can print these or
recycle books and comics that have some wear and tear as well.
Attach to card stock or recycled card
Laminate and cut out if needed
Add adhesive magnet on back and you are finished!

Jolly Java Jackets

Items You Will Need
Striped or sold socks
fabric scissors
felt stickers
fabric glue

Cut four inches from leg of sock to form the cup cozy
Add designs and embellishments using fabric glue, buttons, felt and felt stickers

Apple Print Shirts

Items You Will Need
apples or other fruits and vegetables
fabric paint
paint brush
plain white t-shirt

Cut your apples. One lengthwise and one across
Cut out a steam and leaf from the potato
Place cardboard on the inside of the shirt to prevent paint leaking through
Gently blot the surface of your apple and potato to remove excess moisture
Dip apple into paint or use paint brush to coat apple with color
Press apple down firmly and carefully onto shirt
Allow to dry

Tea Fanatic Wreath

Image from

Items You Will Need

Tea Bags (can also be done with bags of seeds for the gardening enthusiast)
Two pieces of 12 x 12 12 cardboard
patterned paper
24 clothes pin
hot glue

Hot glue two pieces of cardboard together
Cut the doubled up cardboard into a wreath-like shape
Cover your circle with patterned paper
Cover your clothes pin with pattern paper, glitter or paint
Hot glue clothespin to your wreaths. Mouth of clothespin face the outside of the wreath
Tie a ribbon on your wreath for hanging
Clip tea onto each of your clothespin

(Step-by-step picture tutorial found HERE)

Snowman Ornaments

Items You Will Need
Clear Ornament or Large Flat Ornament
Paint (White, brown, black, orange)
Yarn or Ribbon

If you are using a clear ornament follow these instructions:

Remove cap from bulb and set aside
Pour white paint into bulb, rotate until inside is covered in paint
Dip finger into black paint Draw eyes and mouth
Let dry
Paint an orange carrot nose
Let dry and return cap.
Write message on back using paint

If you are using a large flat ornament use these instructions:

Dip finger into white paint
Draw one or more snowmen
Paint brown stick arms
Paint black hat, buttons and eyes
Paint carrot noise
Paint on the words “Love you snow much!”

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