Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

When it comes to Christmas shopping, finding the right gift is always a challenge. Sometimes we just never know what to get. For starters lets think about what is important in their life or what they like doing. Then finding the perfect gift for the women in your life can be a little easier whether it is a girlfriend, a wife or just a coworker.

Great Gift Ideas for Women

Teacher Christmas Gift Ideas

If that woman you are shopping for is a teacher here are two great homemade gift ideas. You can do them yourself. Take a frame and remove the glass. Use a patterned paper background, then gather some crayons, glue them on the paper to form their initial. You can write their name next to the initial.

Make a wreath out of crayons. You will need about 70 crayons. Glue the crayons onto two embroidery hoops, one 12″ and one 8″. Then add a ribbon, some stickers, and their name. You can decorate it with anything you like. Have your child help to make the gift extra special.

If homemade gifts are not your thing, consider a mug filled with different colored pens. Or a gift card to a local eatery where your child’s teacher can grab lunch on a busy school day.

For the Business Woman

A great gift idea for the business savvy will involve the latest in tech support. An e-reader such as kindle or ipad are perfect for the woman on the go. Not only can they store books, but most e-readers have access to the internet and storage for photos and calendar events. They are also compact and light weight. If they already have one, get a nice case for it.

If she spends a lot of time in the office, make up an office basket. Fill it up with pens, post its, folders, ink cartridges, a desk calendar, mouse pad, etc. Any business woman can appreciate a gift basket full of office goodies. You could include some candy for their private stash, and make the supplies personal by getting items in their favorite colors.

For the Fitness Buff

If she is on a fitness journey a journal is the perfect companion. The smash book style journals provide journaling space and pocket for extras. She can keep track of her progress, goals, and achievements. Also she can keep photos, receipts, and keepsakes from group activities in it.

Most of us use our devices to listen to our favorite tunes while exercising. So pick her up an itunes gift card so she can download her favorite “get fit” tunes. She can enjoy her music if she is running or working out in the gym.

If she is a runner, consider a running watch to track her progress. If she is a walker, she might like a pedometer.

For the Busy Mommy

For that special mommy a carefree day at a local spa is a perfect gift. Every busy mom deserves a few hours of pampering. Or you can create a “spa day” at home. Give her a basket of essentials such as a mud mask, nail polish, bath sponges, lotion, and chocolate covered strawberries.

A gift that allows a mom to showcase her little ones is always a great gift idea. Create a shadow box full of baby memories or a personalized frame to house a photo of each child.

Great Gifts for Grandma

Grandmas love nothing better than gifts from their grand kids. So get crafty with your kids and create personal gifts. Ornaments with kids hand prints, or a hand print tree or angel in a nice frame that say “Merry Christmas Grandma!” are perfect.

Creating a plaque that says “grand kids” or “they call me grandma” with clothes pins on it makes a get photo holder. This way grandma can change photos as the kids grow up or add photos as she welcomes more grandchildren into her life.

Or buy a digital frame and load it with family pictures and pictures of the grandkids. Grandma can place the frame on her mantle and enjoy seeing the various pictures that rotate through.

A Sweets and Treats Lover

Does she love to bake? She may like the newest in kitchen gadgets. There are many new fun gadgets like the cake pop maker and spiral cake maker by Bella. Create a basket of spatulas, treat mixes, and measuring tools for someone that is just staring out.

Maybe she just loves treats. Gift certificates to a local sweets shop can be a good idea. Or a simple gift basket full of her favorite candies and treats. Make it a movie night gift with candy, pop corn, and a new DVD they may want.

The Fashionista

For the woman that is about fashion a trip to Victoria Secrets for the latest and greatest in apparel, fragrances, and make-up is perfect. So grab a gift card and pair it with s few small lotions.

For a practical gift give her something new and fun to hold her jewelry or make-up. You can never go wrong with a trendy purse or sunglasses when it comes to the fashion lovers.

Small Gift Ideas for Women

Anyone who has ever tried to come up with small gift ideas for women understands that there are a few things that must first be taken into consideration when shopping. We’re not talking about a diamond ring or new car here, but mostly about the times when a small, but meaningful gift is in order to suit a particular occasion. Here are some ideas that can help in finding the treasure you are looking for that will cut down on the time and effort spent browsing through countless shops and online venues.

Things to keep in mind before you shop.

What you should purchase for her depends upon your relationship. We’ve broken down our suggestions into categories to help you go directly to the parts that fit your needs. A few other things to keep in mind are how much you want to spend, what message you want to gift to convey, what kind of things she likes, her hobbies, career, favorite fragrances, colors and so on. With these things in mind, you’re ready to shop.

Romantic gift ideas for a woman who is either your girlfriend or wife

Order her favorite flowers in a small bouquet. she’ll be thrilled when the delivery arrives. Better yet, show up at the door with them for an unexpected surprise. Another thoughtful idea is to pick up a pre-made gift basket that includes a few of her favorite goodies. There is a huge variety to choose from. If she enjoys chocolate, you could get one with a good assortment of the kinds she likes. If she likes certain fragrances, pick up a gift box that includes small bottle of her favorite scent with perfume, lotion and bath beads included.

If she is an avid reader, the next in the series of her favorite books would be an excellent gift. A piece of memorabilia that will remind her of the day you first met, your first date, or your first trip is also a great idea. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just powerful in jogging the memory. For example, if you went to a winery, pick up an item she admired with the logo on it and enclose a note that says, remember? More ideas on gifts for your wife can be found here.

Gift ideas for a woman that is your friend

Pick up a copy of a movie that you know she enjoys but doesn’t own. Since you’re friends, you’ll have an idea of what she likes. Put together a gift basket of her favorite candies or fruits. If she is into popular bands, band merchandise such as tee shirts, key chains with band logos, new CD or DVD of the group or a poster. A gift certificate to her favorite bookstore or espresso stand is also a great idea.

If she has a themed kitchen and you notice that her kitchen towels and potholders are getting worn, buy her a new set. Along this same line, pick up any other accessories for her kitchen such as matching salt and pepper shakers, sugar bowl and creamer, serving bowls, trivets, burner covers or wall accessories that match the theme she has going. If she enjoys shopping online, select one of her favorite online shops and purchase a gift card or store credit.

Small gifts for a colleague at work

Whether it’s a birthday event or a holiday gift exchange at work, there are some traditional gift ideas that work whether you know the person well or not. if the person enjoys wine, an inexpensive (not cheap) bottle in a wine bag is a tasteful gift. Coffee mugs in a gift set that includes a few other items she may like including a small stuffed animal, box of unique chocolates, or coffee/cocoa/tea blends are also welcome gifts at an exchange. Other appropriate small gifts include a covered candy dish with or without candy inside, a gift certificate to a local restaurant for lunch time convenience or a high quality travel mug for her morning commute to work.

Gifts for women who are amateur collectors

Women who collect specific nick knack items such as dolphins, owls, wolves, cats etc, are some of the easiest to shop for. Here are some great small gift ideas for these ladies. Posters, framed art and figurines of the images for their collections will be appreciated. A stuffed animal representing the collection, a matching blanket or throw pillows are all great additions. If she has a large collection of figurines and no place to put them, there are inexpensive curio cabinets available that would no doubt be welcomes by her for storing her valuable keepsakes.

There are some great choices out there for small gifts for all of the women in your life. Some women like more traditional gifts and some of the zanier ones are thrilled with ideas that show out of the box thinking. If you know her well, find useful items that she will appreciate and enjoy. If you don’t know her very well, stick to the safer traditional items that are tasteful and safe for giving.