Good Gag Gifts for Christmas

Every year people find themselves completely stressed out as they try to find the perfect Christmas gifts for everyone on their lists while sticking to a budget. Coworkers, family members, friends…every gift needs to be special, every gift needs to say something.

This year, you can stop worrying and stop shopping until exhaustion. No more worrying about finding that perfect gift, the one that says exactly what you want it to. This year, be funny and stop taking everything so seriously! Gag gifts are the way to go. They show your friends, family and coworkers that it is okay to laugh at the holidays and be ironic.

What is a Gag Gift?

A gag gift is usually an inexpensive gift that is meant to be a joke and just get some laughs. But coming up with gag gift ideas isn’t always easy, or at least, it isn’t always easy to come up with something original.

The venue can sometimes help with ideas. For example, if you need a gag gift for a retirement party then gifts are usually themed around age jokes or something like that. General gag gifts for birthdays or the Christmas office party can take a bit more though.

Good gag gifts really get you in the spirit, they liven up the part, and loosen up the recipients, so that everyone can have a laugh and a good time. Who couldn’t use a little laughter at the holidays? These gifts are fun to buy, and fun to receive.

If you have a Christmas party or another holiday event and need some gag gift ideas, I have listed a few few below. I did try to keep them on the clean side. Hopefully you find something at least inspiring of a worthy gag.

Gag Gift Ideas for Christmas

For Coworkers

Many people need office gag gifts for Christmas time. Either you want to have a funny gift for coworkers just for fun or you may gave a office party gift exchange. These parties usually require a 5 dollar gag gift (or maybe $10) where you open random gifts and can steal another person’s gift – sometimes called a “Yankee Swap” or “Dirty Santa“.

When buying for someone you work with, office-themed gifts can be funny. Buy him or her a fun, old school tin lunch box, maybe one with Scooby Doo on it (or their cartoon character of choice). You can always buy funny items to sit on a desk. For example, if your colleague collects pigs, find a fun piggy bank.

Always try to play off shared jokes. If you and your coworker always crack up thinking of your boss as Michael Scott from ‘The Office’, definitely buy some Office-themed gifts to keep the joke going.

For Friends

With friends, your imagination is really the limit! Again, always think of fun shared jokes that the two of you have. If you grew up together, maybe you once shared a love of John Stamos. Today, buy her a cheeky poster or calendar that features him shirtless.

Maybe you once went to boy band concerts together? Buy your friend a CD of their greatest hits. Or, perhaps you two love cheesy B-movies? Buy a few cheap DVDs. There are often ‘bargain bins’ at the mall or electronics store, just full of movies you have never even heard of, and they are typically on sale for a buck or two.

T-shirts are always fun gifts, too. Grab them a t-shirt that highlights their favorite TV show (maybe a fun ‘Bazinga’ tee or one that features zombies). Even if they do not typically wear t-shirts, they will find a time at home to wear a funny one.

For Family

With your family, you have plenty of years of shared memories to draw from! Think of some embarrassing moment from childhood. Have a picture of it? Even better! Have it made into a mug, a t-shirt or a mouse pad, so your cousin/brother/sister can refer to it often.

Or maybe you know a fun secret about your aunt, your uncle, your mom or dad? Turn that into a gag gift! If no one but you knows about your Aunt Marie’s wild spring break weekends as a teen, buy her a shot glass or a bikini! Is mom always singing when she cooks, unaware that anyone can hear her? Or perhaps dad is a shower singing star? Either way, a fun karaoke machine will call them out, and could even be great fun for the holidays!

Whatever gag gifts you choose, make sure that you abide by any budget restraints put on your family’s or office’s gift giving. If your office has set up a $5 gag gift limit, don’t worry, there are plenty of great buys at the local dollar store or even Walmart.