Gifts for Women Over 60

Women over 60 have learned that it’s not all about fun and games, it’s about enjoying the time you have with friends and family that makes life enjoyable. Why not offer her gifts of appreciation and love with some of the more relaxing and elegant presents. Everything from perfumes to jewelry to a soothing bath are all wonderful ideas for the woman over 60.

Perfume Setgifts for older women

Give her perfume with the Passion by Elizabeth Taylor three piece set. It comes with a standard size perfume bottle, a travel size and a lotion. It comes in a nice gift box that will look great with minimal wrapping. It smells good and is alluring to any woman, especially the woman who can appreciate a marvelous smelling perfume.

Spa Gift Basket

Offer a day of relaxation with The Healing Spa Gift Basket. It comes in a floral planter and provides a free personalized gift message. The basket consists of multiple items including a votive candle, herbal tea, loofah, stationary set, rose petal soaps and Lindt chocolates. Of course there are moisturizers from body lotion to bath gel to bath salts. There’s something for every woman who wants to take the time to enjoy some time to herself. The ultimate time for relaxation would be to offer a full day at the spa where she can get a massage, sit in a sauna, and relax out in the sun. She can get the royal treatment with various soothing skin treatments.

A Heart Necklace

A heart full of love is a nice pendant of sterling silver and a purple shaped heart. This elegant tarnish resistant necklace makes a wonderful gift as it also comes with its own jewelry box. Another necklace of love can be a heart on a background of black with “I love you” in 120 different languages inscribed on the heart. It’s circular shaped and comes with an Italian sterling silver chain. The heart is of 24k gold.

Hobby Accessories

If she has several hobbies such as painting, pottery or kitting, it’s easy to find the ideal gifts as these hobbies can become expensive over time. Offer her some materials such as wool, cotton, nylon and any other fabric she works with. Provide her with needles and hooks that make it that much easier to knit a sweater. Offer her some hand cream, clay and apron for pottery and paints, brushes, canvases, and pencils for the painter. All of these items make great gifts for the artist or the woman who is trying to create new things.

ticketsEntertainment Tickets

There’s certainly nothing wrong in giving the woman over 60 some entertainment items. Buy her tickets to a Broadway show or a local play. Consider tickets to a concert from her favorite artist. Something truly different would be to take her to her favorite talk show or comedy being recorded and she can be a part of the audience. If she loves sports then buy her tickets to her favorite teams football or baseball game. These are wonderful gifts to offer her especially during the holidays.

Exercise Gifts

For the exercise enthusiast purchase her an exercise mat with a video of her ideal trainer. Maybe get her a few sessions with her own special trainer. If she has been longing for a particular exercise machine, this would make an excellent gift such as the tread climber. This is an excellent machine that avoids hurting joints while getting an excellent overall workout.

Wine or Tea

For the lady who loves to drink and consider a wine lover’s gift by offering her a day at the vineyard or a wine tasting afternoon. There is an ultimate gin and tonic kit that you can offer her if she likes hard liquor. If she enjoys the softer drinks such as green tea that are more healthy for you then a nice green tea basket would be perfect such as the Green Tea Gardening Caddy and Treats.

Ultimately it doesn’t have to be that difficult to purchase gifts for a woman over 60. Anything from exercising to smelling good to tickets to her favorite show are all wonderful ideas.