Gifts for Kids Who Love Science

Looking for a toy that is educational? Or do you know a child who shows interest in science but could use some more encouragement?

Science toys are a great way to get your kids interested in different aspects of science. Science kits and toys will help children to learn basic scientific principles which will help them in school. It is also just a great way to have fun!

The variety of science-based toys available means that there is something that should appeal to every kid, whether they are more apt to like chemistry or physics. But there are also more basic science lessons to be learned from some toys that are appropriate for much younger kids.

Getting Your Kids Into Sciencesnap circuits

Some kids seem to love science, others not so much. But by exposing your children to science early you can help them learn that science is fun, interesting, and useful to understand in every day life.

In addition to buying a science toy as a Christmas gift, you can also help your children appreciate science by watching some of the many scientific channels on TV. Pay attention to what types of shows them seem more interested in and continue to encourage them in areas. If you find a great series set up the DVR to record the series each week and set aside time to watch the program with your child.

Some children may love safari type shows while others may be interested in weather or space. Build on their particular interests by buying books and videos in those areas. A child who loves biology may hate astronomy so don’t give up until you have exposed your children to all the various areas of science.

You can also look for science museums in your area. Make a trip, and again, see which branches of science your child is most attracted to. Continue to foster your child’s development in certain areas through toys and games.

By encouraging your child where they are naturally inclined, they will begin to love science in general. And in time, they will learn to appreciate all of the different types of science and not feel overwhelmed in school as science is introduced more and more. Starting early with your child can also help you navigate extracurricular activities as they get older like Robotics Club or Science Explorers.

Science Kits and Other Gift Ideas

If your child has a general interest in science or likes chemistry in general, there are a few experimental kits available for kids. These are targeted for older kids and should be handled under parental supervision. Be advised, these kits can also be messy so don’t let your kids play with these on your nice living room carpet or pristine hardwood floors!

For the builders and mechanical types, Snap Circuits are a very popular educational toy. Especially for boys. Robot kits are another cool idea for a Christmas gift for a child. If your child likes to build things, these are certainly ideas worth looking into.rocket balloon

Space Toys

Astronomy has become very popular in the mainstream through TV shows and the release of images from the Hubble telescope. If your little boy or girl loves space stuff, there are a lot of great space toys and toy rockets available to keep them happy.

Over the past year or two Stomp Rockets have been very popular and are a great summertime toy to keep kids busy outside. Balloon rockets are also great fun for kids at any age and great stocking-stuffer idea. For older children consider a model rocket or even a telescope.

In addition to outdoor rockets, there are lots of indoor space toys from Lego and other makers. If your child also likes Legos there are a variety of space-themed sets like shuttles and such. There are also various astronomy-type kits for decorating your son or daughter’s room.