Best Gifts for Health Nuts

Those that have a health nut on your Christmas list, but are just not sure what to buy him or her should not fear!  This list will help any gift giver wow the fitness freak in their lives (they are also great gifts for those looking to maintain a healthier lifestyle).  And these suggestions are also the perfect gifts for those who are planning to turn over a new leaf with their New Year’s Resolutions!

The FitBit

The FitBit is an activity tracker that helps people become more active, and for those who are already very active, it helps them chart their progress.  It’s a motivational tool that can also track calorie burn and sleep patterns (showing users if they need to get more sleep and perhaps inspiring them to work on getting more).  A FitBit tracks the number of steps the wearer takes, the distance they travel each day and how much they eat.  The wearer simply wears it like a wristband; when they hit certain goals it will vibrate to give them a bit of congratulations. Whether you are shopping for a runner or a yoga lover, these make a great gift for most health nuts.

Light Box

Know a health nut who lives in a climate without enough sun? They may benefit from a light therapy box.  Those who don’t get enough sun often find their internal clocks ‘off’–they don’t get enough sleep and find themselves a little moody during the day.  A light box can be plugged in at their dining room table and enjoyed every morning during breakfast.  The light has no harmful UV rays and is also great for the skin (helps clear up acne and can even get rid of tiny lines!).  They work to improve energy, concentration, and mood.

Adjustable Dumbbells

Anyone who lifts weights, and lives in cramped house or apartment, will appreciate a set of adjustable dumbbells. Rather than needing space for every set of dumbbells, say 5 lbs through 50 lbs, you simply need an area that will fit a small tower.  These adjustable dumbbells allow users to have an entire home gym at their disposal. Each of the dumbbells adjusts from 5 to over 50 pounds, which combines 15 sets of dumbbells into one, saving a lot of space.

Foot Massagers

Many fitness enthusiasts forget to take care of their feet.  Foot massagers like the ‘Foot Walkers’ can help rejuvenate the feet after a tough workout or a rough week at work. These plastic half-spheres have little knobs on them that will stimulate the bottom of the feet.  They can be used to increase circulation, strengthen muscles and tendons and increase flexibility; they even help to reduce foot pain.

Foam Rollers

While on the subject of taking care of the body, a foam roller is another great gift choice for those who workout hard (or those that have jobs that cause stress).  A foam roller can reduce chronic pain and help ease sore muscles. These great tools are basically self-massagers: they are used to apply pressure to specific points on the body where tension is stored (much like a deep tissue massage).

Acupressure Mats

Acupressure mats are another great tool for releasing pressure. They stimulate the body’s production of endorphins, which help to bring on a calming, soothing allover effect. These mats are wonderful for those who have neck pain, back pain, sore muscles, stress or even migraines.  They promote overall health and wellness, and can even help users sleep better at night.  This gift for health nuts is a gift that keeps on giving!


A DVD set like P90X3 is another perfect idea for the health nut on anyone’s list.  Beach Body’s newest P90X set is designed for those with little time for exercise: each workout is just 30 minutes in length.  Not sure if the recipient already has that set of workouts? No problem! Beach Body now offers a streaming service that lets subscribers workout with any, or all, of their workouts.  A gift subscription always fits!


The Vitamix is a wonderful choice for anyone who likes to eat healthy. The Vitamix is a high-performance blender that will blend a shake right in the cup: just blend, turn the cup upside down and enjoy!  Excellent for those on the go, who still want to eat healthy and make their own green smoothies and shakes. This blender is the cream of the crop as far as blenders go and is powerful enough to make nut butters in addition to the healthiest smoothies.

Matcha Teas

Teas are a great choice for every health nut on the list.  Today’s rage is matcha tea; this green tea has a number of health benefits such as protecting the heart from heart disease and preventing a number of cancers.  It will increase the body’s metabolism and it’s high in antioxidants. It even has vitamins and minerals.  Match tea is powdered, and can be purchased in tins.  Gifters of matcha tea might think of also including the tools needed to prepare it: a whisk and small bowl (or a really cool coffee mug!).

No matter which of these gifts they get, health nuts will appreciate the present as much as the thought.