Gifts for a First Time Home Buyer

Acquiring your own home is a dream for most people. It marks a new stage of life, one in which you are set to create your own family and security. However, no matter how one buys their first home – credit or savings – you are left with a gaping hole in your bank account.

So, although you have a piece of mind now, because you no longer pay rent which leads to no end goal, you are still in a precarious financial situation. Additionally, buying a home is one thing, but making sure that it is properly equipped and maintained is another.

This short guide will give you some tips on the most practical gifts for the first home buyers. Sure, you can always opt for ornamental gifts, but those are highly subjective and depend on your knowledge of the people upon you wish to impart those types of gifts.

On the other hand, practical gifts are always the best gifts.

Vacuum Food Containers

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you see a huge food item discount in a store, but you know that you can’t buy it in too large quantities, because it will spoil before you consume it?

This goes for almost all the essential foods you need: vegetables, meat products, cheese, fruits…

With vacuum food containers you can increase the longevity of food up to four times, significantly increasing your shopping opportunities, while decreasing waste; leftovers, prepping food in bulk, etc.

This gift can with absolute certainty save at least a hundred dollars per month!

Not a bad start for a first home owner, is it?

Vacuum food containers suck out all the air in the container, thus removing the oxidation factor of food spoilage, the most important factor you can most easily influence. Vacuum food storage containers come in two variants:

  • With vacuum pumps.
  • With integrated vacuum pumps as a part of the top cover.

They usually come in sets, with all shapes and sizes so they cover all the food storage needs – larger containers for long term storage, containers for vegetables only, and smaller ones for shorter storage length.

Amazon has a great selection of vacuum food containers, it allows for easy and quick shipping, and the review system helps you select the best ones that will last for years.

Panini Press

There are some things in life which you don’t miss because you don’t know they exist, but when you start using them you cannot longer imagine a time without using them.

Panini Press is one of those things.

Panini simply refers to a grilled sandwich, two slices of bread filled with your favorite ingredients. You might confuse them with toasters, but there are far inferior products, due to the fact that they are limited in bread size, and the folding toasters are the worst; bottom and top heating plates are latched at an angle so if you have even a slightly thicker sandwich it will press it out and you will just make a mess.

You should never buy a regular toaster, either for yourself or as a gift. Panini Press is always a superior option.

With Panini Press, it is understood that the top plate slides evenly and vertically on your sandwich no matter its size and thickness. Furthermore, most can be unfolded so you can use them as grills for hamburgers, and you can easily make hotdogs without boiling the sausages.

Once you get a Panini Press, you will wonder how you ever got by without one, eating cold sandwiches instead of warm, crusty, delicious sandwiches with melted cheese. You will have your own fast food experience whenever you want it. Probably healthier as well.

Your best bet for an excellent Panini Press with a height lock (so you don’t have to keep pressing it down if the sandwich is particularly thick) is the Breville BSG520XL Panini Duo.

Toolbox Kit

No matter how well you think your new home is ready to go without maintenance you will always need tools for something; either for assembling computers, furniture, mounting a TV, fixing other devices and integral components of your home.

Still, most people evade buying complete tool packages, only carrying around a couple of tools in a bag or a cardboard box. And usually they inherited those tools from their parents or grandparents.

Even if you are still renting a place, you should still own a toolbox kit, let alone if you own your own home.

Therefore, a toolbox kit will most certainly be a welcome gift for any new home owner.

Vastar 102, in particular, would be a fine choice as such a gift. Within its compact and sturdy box, you will find everything you will need for general household repair and maintenance: pliers, hammer, measuring tape, utility knife, wrenches, leveler, screw drivers, and up to 102 other items.

Kitchen Set

Like is the case with repair and maintenance tools, most people have some thinking they will suffice, until they don’t because they haven’t bought a complete package.

With kitchen tools, this is even more important because they determine what kind of foods you can prepare and eat. Having a complete kitchen set from the get-go opens up a whole new dimension of culinary experimentation, and trying out new, healthier diets.

As such, kitchen sets are at the very top of most valued practical gifts you can give to a new home owner.

Furthermore, when products are clustered in sets, each individual component is much cheaper than if you bought them individually, without sacrificing any quality whatsoever!

Essential Home Total Kitchen Cookware is a good example of this. It is difficult to image what else you would need for preparing any kind of meal. It contains every type of utensil, plate, pot, pan, and set any home owner would need.

Bath Bombs

And lastly, the cheapest gift, but still one that will incur gratitude as most people don’t even know that this type of product exists.

In the past, and present, people simply use a shampoo to prepare their bath water. However, there is a more elegant and fulfilling solution to upgrade your relaxing bath experience to an entire new level.

Bath bombs are tightly packed combinations of essential oils, scents, colors, and smells which effervesce when in contact with water, just like effervescent vitamin tablets when you put them in a glass of water.

This is another of those products that you can’t go without once you have used them.

Furthermore, most bath bombs come already packaged as gifts!