Gift Ideas for New Business Owners

Business owners are the engine that drove the modern civilization to its current height of mass affordability, innovation, and comfort of life. They are the most capable and ambitious members of our society, and without government constantly grabbing money from them you would see no destabilizing welfare/warfare state.

As business owners compete with each other, they drive down the price of products and services while increasing their quality at the same time. However, as any business owner knows, this noble and lofty lifestyle requires many sacrifices and is highly time and work intensive. To that end, what kinds of gifts would you give to new business owners in order to alleviate their daily struggles and stress?

Convertible Tablet

Today, an activity without involving some modicum of computing is a rarity, and for business owners it’s a necessity. We can already say that smartphones are more computers than phones, and laptops have become widely spread as the baseline for accessing the incredibly useful power of computers.

However, there is a more convenient and elegant solution than both smartphones and laptops – convertible tablets. Not as small as smartphones and not as bulky as laptops, these hybrids laptops are ideally flexible; possessing enough power and comfort of use to cater to any business and online application, which cannot be said for smartphones.

A ‘convertible’ tablet is one that simply has an option of docking with a keyboard- transforming it into a smaller laptop at any time you need it.

A perfect example of a highly capable, affordable, and flexible convertible tablet is the CHUWI Hi10. Crystal clear IPS screen, FullHD resolution, just right compact 10” size, it has enough power to swiftly run MS Office suite, and it can switch between Android and Windows 10 operating systems.

In functionality and features it exceeds tablets that cost 4 times as much, thus making it a premium, yet still affordable gift.

Coffee Maker

For business owners, especially new ones, there is no such thing as a fixed work time-table. They have to work as much as it is needed in order to succeed in their venture. Therefore, a regular infusion of energy with the help of a delicious brew is a must.

A good coffee maker makes this chore an effortless and quick task, perfectly suited for a busy go-getter.

Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Switch Coffee Maker would be your best choice. Super cheap, easy to clean and maintain, small footprint so you can place it anywhere, and it does well what it needs to do – making coffee. All that is needed is to select a quality coffee, which of course is significantly cheaper when bought in bulk.

Even if a person already has one, in an office environment it would only help to have another one to share the daily load, so you can have a peace of mind knowing that it would be a welcome gift.

White Board

Running a business requires a lot of brainstorming and exchanging of ideas. And there is no better way to facilitate this valuable process than using a white board. Using computer apps for online collaboration is one thing, but white boards enable a small team to more efficiently run down through suggestions and input of all the core team members of your business.

OfficePro Ultra-Slim is one of the more comprehensive white boards packages you can get for the price. Measuring at 24 x 36 inches, it comes with a clever mounting system so you don’t have to be a handyman to mount it, pen, tray, eraser, and magnets. And most importantly, its magnetic dry board is very resistant to scratches, which is supported by the life-time replacement warranty.

With such rare insurance, and its wide applicability, a white board should definitely become an integral part of any new business venture.

Charger and Battery Backup

Mobility is a part of an entrepreneur’s life, and most business people own multiple mobile devices, which need to be regularly charged. Unfortunately, when you lead such a busy life, you often forget about the battery status of your smartphone, tablet, or a laptop.

To help with this problem, you can give your budding new business owner a nifty solution – FLUXMOB BOLT.

It offers two key functions:

Serving as a wall-to-USB charger of any USB-based device.

Portable battery, which recharges through that same electric wall outlet.

Its high battery capacity of 3000mAh is more than enough to back up any mobile device you have, for that emergency situation when your device’s battery dies.

Furthermore, you don’t have to carry around various adapters for each device, because it can charge any of your mobile computers through universal USB, and because it is plugged into the electric outlet most of the time, that means it will almost always be fully charged – ready to serve you as a backup battery!

It’s quite an ingenious product that should become a standard gear for everyone, yet it is still unknown to most people, so make sure to increase its popularity by choosing it as a gift for yourself and others.

Portable Scanner

As a civilization, we are still transitioning from analogue to digital technology, which means that a lot of people still have a habit of using a lot of paper and physical documents to arrange their affairs, especially when you are dealing with ossified government agencies.

Accordingly, a prepared entrepreneur should have a handy scanner to digitize vital documents like invoices, bills, contracts, business cards, etc.

The size of a small stick, a portable scanner poses no problem to carry around in your laptop or tablet case/bag.

The VuPoint Magic Wand would be a perfect candidate. Its non-WiFi version is much cheaper, but with integrated WiFi capability you can directly upload your scans to a cloud service of your choice, so you don’t have to worry if your SD card is full or not.

As for the quality of the scans, with VuPoint Magic Wand you will never find yourself in a situation where the scans where anything less than superb, be they just text or images.