Fun Games to Play at the Company Christmas Party

There is a lot of fun to be had when co-workers come together to celebrate the holidays. For the person in charge of planning the event, it can require a lot of energy and a lot of stress. Company parties can become a dreaded and awkward event if not handled correctly. So having some games planned out and ready to go can help to break the ice and get everyone involved. Soon people can relax and enjoy themselves while laughing and getting out of their comfort zone.

Here are some ideas that will help anyone trying to plan out fun games to pay at the company Christmas party.

Christmas Themed Charades

This one should be pretty obvious. Divide everyone into two teams. All of the clues can be Christmas themes, Christmas movies, famous Christmas characters, and Christmas books. Get thinking, get creative and people will have a lot of fun acting out their clues.

Decorating the Boss as a Christmas Tree

This works for companies that have the right kind of boss. In certain situations it might be best to divide into teams again and people can choose what person they would like to decorate. Have all of the traditional tree trimmings. See which team can decorate their ‘tree’ the best.

Guess the Number

Prizes are a great way to liven up a party. As people enter the party they can be asked to guess how many ornaments are on the main tree, or how many candies are in a jar. Whomever guesses the closest can win a prize. Again, whoever is in charge can really get creative with this one and make it fun for all.

Gift Wrap Assembly Lineschristmas office party

The number of employees will help to decide the number of tables needed. The party planner can have tables all set up with boxes, gift wrap, scissors, bows, tape and anything else fun to use when wrapping gifts. The teams need to decide who has what job. Then they race against each other to see who can wrap the most gifts successfully in a certain period of time.

The Story Game

A popular Christmas book will be chosen, like the children’s book, ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas‘. Each employee will sit in a circle and their chair will receive a word from the story. For example, sleigh, mouse, chimney, or night. When a person’s word is mentioned they need to stand up and turn in a circle before sitting back down. If they miss their cue then they are out. When the name Santa Clause is said, everyone gets up and quickly switches seats. The trick is to then take on the word at their new chair. It’s a fast and funny game of memory.

Hot Potato Gift Exchange

Everyone brings one wrapped gift to the party, especially good gag gift ideas. Again they begin in a circle. They start with one gift, passing it around while the music plays. When the music stops, the person holding the gift is out and they get to keep whatever is in that gift. It is a fun and quick twist on traditional white elephant gift exchanges. Although the gifts can be nice ones as well, not just white elephant.

Christmas Carol Challenge

The employees will again divide into two or more teams, depending on the number of people present. One team starts by singing a line or two from a popular Christmas song. Then the next team goes, singing a couple lines from different song. Songs can’t be repeated and the team only has thirty seconds to come up with one when it is their turn. The team that lasts the longest wins.

Christmas Treat Mix-up

Everyone will need to be divided into small teams. The members of the team will each be handed a piece of paper with parts of the treat on it. When the timer starts they must figure out what treat they are and get into the right order. For example, it might be ‘red’, ‘white’, ‘red’, ‘white’. The team is a candy cane and must stand in that order. Or it might be ‘cookie’, ‘frosting’, and ‘sprinkles’. The team is a Christmas cookie and they need to get ‘put together’ in the right order.