Easy Christmas Gifts for Neighbors

Christmas is a time for giving, for sharing kindness with family, friends, and even acquaintances. Sharing the joy of the holidays with others, for many people, is what makes the season so wonderful. To spread a little extra holiday cheer, some people enjoy purchasing or creating special Christmas gifts for their neighbors. Thoughtful gifts bring just the right spark of warmth to the long days of winter.

gifts for neighbors

Neighborly Gifts

Adding personal touches to a gift helps the receiver of the gift feel valued, treasured. The use of aesthetically pleasing materials can transform a generic gift into a thoughtful one. Mason jars are great vessels for homemade neighbor gifts. They are ideal for displaying layered dry ingredients from recipes, and they dress up nicely when wrapped with a ribbon or bow. If you know your neighbor fairly well you can personalize the contents to their interests.

Charging it up

For the more practical-minded gift-giver helpful objects such as batteries, flashlights or blankets are choice options. They provide a useful service to neighbors in need. Attaching humorous sayings like, “For when you need an extra charge this Christmas!” or “You light up my life,” help ease the chill and stress of the winter season. Thoughtful touches like cheerful notes bring a bit of personality to practical presents.


Because of cold temperatures, neighbors may find it difficult or foolhardy to venture out into the snow. Adults and children can grow anxious after being restricted to only indoor activities. A gift package filled to the brim with movie snacks and popcorn could be just the prescription needed for neighbors suffering from boredom. Movie nights are great ways to create special memories and establish new traditions during the holidays.

Surviving the winter

The winter is a season well-known for its numerous flu outbreaks. Who knows how many neighbors will be hit with the bug this year. Compiling a winter survival kit for neighbors in need is an easy task to complete. Using a mason jar or other clear vessel and filling it with medicine supplies, cans of soup or quick meals can bring a relieved smile to a sniffle-ridden neighbor’s face. Finishing the kit off with a wintry label, colorful decorations, and tucking in a phone number for emergencies shows neighbors a generosity they won’t soon forget.

Dish Be-Gone

The hectic holiday season fills schedules with family gatherings, decorating parties and large dinners. Christmas can be a tad overwhelming for neighbors who have so many plans and little time to complete them in. After hearty feasts, countless minutes are spent loading and re-loading a dishwasher, or at worst washing the good china by hand. A cheerfully wrapped package of paper plates and a tag saying “let’s do your dishes for the day” could be the gift that makes a neighbor’s week. It’s a considerate gesture that displays the gift of understanding and commiseration.

All Wrapped Up

Spending precious time chasing after ribbons and bows is no way to enjoy the holiday season. The combination of work, event planning and Christmas shopping leaves the best multi-tasking neighbor at a loss for time and funds. There is nothing so disheartening as sitting down to wrap holiday presents and realizing that Christmas supplies are in short supply. Easing the burden from busy neighbors’ shoulders, a gift of wrapping paper and a roll of tape, can save them time and money. Helping neighbors avoid an extra run to a crowded shopping mall is a gift in itself.

Below is a list of DIY holiday kits to give as gifts to neighbors:

  • Hot Cocoa Kits (spreading Christmas cheer via marshmallows, chocolate and candy canes)
  • Calendar Kits (counting down until Christmas just got simpler)
  • Make a Sundae Kits (toppings and ice-cream included)
  • Decorate Your Snowman Kits (carrot, stones, scarf and sticks in a bag with a fun label)
  • Floats for Fun Kits (a basket filled with the makings for a root beer float kit)
  • Cookie Kits (ingredients and cookie cutters included in festive personal packaging)

Christmas is a time for sharing the gift of generosity and kindness with people everywhere. Wrapped up in ribbons and bows, thoughtfulness is a gift that will last for years to come. Spreading a little neighborly love is made easy when presents are given from the heart.