Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas

Christmas is one of the best times of year to give loved ones gifts. It has been a tradition of Christmas to not only give presents, but to wrap them in festive wrapping paper and put a bow on top. Many people consider these traditions to be tried and true, and will never break away from them. Others however, may find them boring.


For those looking to buck tradition, here are some creative gift wrapping ideas for Christmas. With these ideas, people will remember gifts you have given for years to come.

1. Boxes Inside of Boxes.

This one has become a classic for good reason. It is easy to do, and is sure to get laughs. All you have to do is wrap your present, then put it in a box and wrap that. You can keep this going as long as you have boxes and wrapping paper to spare. Alternately, you can do the same thing, but only with wrapping paper.

2. Christmas Present Scavenger Hunt.

A Christmas present scavenger hunt is fun for everyone. It is also easy to pull off if you have the time and energy. To start, you need to wrap a box with a clue inside. The clue will tell the recipient where to go next and find the next clue. At the end of the hunt, they will find their present. If you want to do this scavenger hunt, it is a good rule of thumb to make the clues easy to decipher. The idea is to make this fun rather than challenging.

3. Bait And Switch.

The bait and switch is all about the element of surprise. The idea behind it is to wrap up a bunch of household objects (think stuff like boxed foods, shoe boxes etc), and label them for your loved ones. They will no doubt open the presents and become thoroughly confused and disappointed. Once you have gotten some laughs, you can give them their real presents. Once they have received their real gifts, they are sure to join in on the laughter.

4. Origami.

If you have the time and the skill, you can wrap presents in the shape of things like a swan, flower or whatever you can dream up. It will turn your loved ones’ gifts into a work of art. Everyone will not only appreciate the time and effort you put into wrapping their presents, they will probably want to open yours first.

5. Comics Section Of Newspaper.

It is the standard to wrap Christmas presents in festive wrapping paper. However, this is money you could be using on presents. A good way to save money and be creative is by reusing newspaper, specifically the comics section. While your loved ones wait to unwrap your gifts, they will be entertained by the comics.

6. Present Wrapped With Bee Bees Inside.

Some people (especially children), like to shake their presents in order to guess what they are. It is a way for them to have fun with their gifts before they get to open them. It is also an opportunity for you to have some fun as well. What you want to do is wrap a gift inside of a larger box, and include bee bees inside. It doesn’t have to be bee bees. Anything that makes noise will do. Some other good suggestions are coins and marbles. This will be sure to keep your loved ones guessing until the gift is opened.

Some Christmas traditions are not meant to be broken. They may mean too much to your family, and families everywhere. There may be very little room for creativity during Christmas, but wrapping presents is an exception. You can be mischievous by putting boxes in boxes, or putting something loud in the box with the present. You could also be creative by creating a scavenger hunt or using the comics section. You can also be artistic by wrapping your presents origami style. If you want to shake things up this Christmas, try these unique gift wrapping ideas. You’ll be glad you did.