Popular Christmas Sayings for Cards

Looking for something witty to say in your Christmas cards? I have rounded up a few things to write in your Christmas cards this year, depending on your mood. From simple Christmas greetings to funny quotes to religious sayings, there is something for everyone.

christmas sayings

1. Missing You at Christmas

On Christmas Eve when the snow is high,

When glitter and lights are catching your eye,

Dazzled by twinkling packages under the tree,

Just close your eyes and think of me.

2. General Holiday Wishes

There’s not enough eggnog, cookies or cheer,

to make us forget those who are dear.

sending you bundles of holiday hugs,

We’re lifting cider-filled mugs—in a toast,

wishing you and those you love most,

cherished gifts of abundance and joy.

3. For that Special Someone

I watched your eyes during the Holiday Parade and saw the flickering light of happiness dance like snow elves across a frozen lake. Your heart seemed to fuel all the floats, the skaters, marching ponies and even Santa Claus. We applauded with muffled sounding mittens and cheered until the last balloon turned the corner. That’s when I realized, if you can fuel the Parade, imagine what our hearts can do together?

4. Kind of Corny but Okay

Hush. Can you hear the whispering pines wishing you a Merry Christmas?

Can you hear the snowfall from its boughs?

Can you hear chirping from the branch?

It’s a quiet message of love.

5. Funny and a Little Gross

I didn’t know what to get you so I wrapped up a box. It looks empty but it’s not. I went all the way to the North Pole to get Santa to exhale into the box so I can send you Santa’s Breath. Isn’t that romantic? Only one problem, Rudolph might have farted before I replaced the lid. Merry Christmas!

6. Funny Things to Write

Please don’t shop until you drop because I need you to help put up my holiday decorations, wrap some presents, go to the store for eggnog, nails and those hanging icicles. Find the ladder and get it out of the shed, untangle the lights, trim the tree, vacuum up the needles, create a tree-skirt, make two or three kinds of cookies, set the table and help with Christmas dinner and maybe vacuum again. What do you think? Do you have some time?

7. Religious Sayings for Cards

On Christmas when you look up at the stars,

Remember the bright one and its Heavenly ray,

Remember The Baby born in the hay—

Remember the angels and all of God’s love-

Divine gifts sent from above.

8. General Christmas Card Greeting

Wishing you more happiness and joy, than a giant sleigh full of toys!

9. Funny Christmas Sayings

May your holidays be filled with the scent of cinnamon air-freshener.

May snowmen block your driveway on your way home from work.

May your package deliveryman look like he stepped out of a romance novel.

May angels trip up, accidentally bringing you winning lotto-scratchers.

And may the clouds part above you releasing nothing but the happiest of holidays.

10. Humorous and a Little Passive Aggressive

Scientific breakthroughs are happening all the time. So keep on dreaming about that low calorie holiday fudge and delicious tasting zero-calorie eggnog. Who knows? Your dreams might come true!

11. Cute and Funny Christmas Quotes

There was a tiny elf called Elfie.

His favorite thing was taking selfies.

But Santa wasn’t happy and raised his tone,

Soon taking away Elfie’s tiny phone.

Now Elfie works at the South Pole,

Knitting penguin stoles.

And though he misses tying bows

He doesn’t mind working for Costco.

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12. Sayings for a Friend – Religious

If you can kneel on Christmas.

That’s  a blessing.

If you can pray.

That’s a blessing.

If you can give a blanket or coat, to a homeless person.

That’s a blessing.

If you remember how special you are:

That’s a blessing.

If you can remember me in your thoughts during the holidays,

I’ll be overjoyed and consider it a special gift because

I am blessed too— and thankful you’re my friend.

13. General Christmas Sayings for Cards

Wishing you the warmest hot chocolate on the coldest days—with whipped topping and sprinkles that touch your nose–making you look like Jack Frost while everyone else bursts into giggles.

14. Happy Holidays

We all know it’s not about the shopping bags but about the love that goes into finding a parking space at the mall and standing in line for hours to pay for the gifts. It’s that extra piece of our heart we spend wrapping a gift, frosting a cake or crocheting a scarf. It all seems to come together somewhat magically, on the last and darkest week of the year. Our personal touch is the surprise ending, the finale and the happy sprinkles on a cupcake. It’s the light at the end of a tunnel, culminating in days of converging energy and bliss. Happy Holidays!

15. Christian Christmas Cards

When you open this card you might think, “Oh that’s nice.” But I didn’t send you this card so you’ll think I’m nice or because I want a present. Actually, just want to wish you a Merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart, and that’s it. I genuinely want you to have a meaningful holiday; no hidden agendas because it’s not about either one of us—it’s about HIM.

16. Illustrated humor

Do you know in some counties, they have strange holiday customs? Check these out and you’ll be glad you’re born here my friend.

  1. Reindeer shooting contests
  2. Chestnut Pureeing  championships
  3. Wear Your Christmas Stocking to Work Week
  4. Ugly Snowman Sweater Day

and this is the short list. Seasons Greetings!

17. More Humorous Sayings

Do you know they have strange holiday customs in some faraway counties? Just be glad you’re from around here.

  1. Mrs. & Mrs. Claus role-playing games
  2. Texting while Wearing Mittens championships
  3. Elf Stocking Fashion Shows
  4. Coal Mining for that naughty kid with Mom and Dad

Sounds scary, huh? Happy Holidays!

And there you have it. A variety of sayings for this year’s Christmas cards that will liven things up a bit.