Christmas Ideas for College Kids

Christmas is coming up and with it comes the struggle of finding a great gift for the college student in your life. Usually money and gift cards are perfect, but what if you want to put in more of an effort?

Before you begin your shopping, there are a few question that you have to consider. Do you want to get them something that they need? What is your price range? What are in their tastes? If you find yourself stuck on these questions, here are some popular gift ideas that can help you out.


  • Pajamas, Robes, and Slippers: Depending on where your college kid goes to school, the nights can be cold. Plus, there are the fire drills that can happen in the middle of the night. Thick pajamas, robes, and slippers are a sure way to keep your college student warm on those winter nights.
  • Sandwich Maker: When your children go away to college, they will have to learn how to do things for themselves, such as cooking. Take-out and frozen dinners may be an easy way to go, but would it be more rewarding to their college student if they learned how to cook their own meals? A sandwich maker would be a good place to start them on their way to becoming more independent.
  • Cookbooks: Speaking of cooking, another good place to him them learn is through cookbooks. They don’t have to be top-notch chef quality. There are plenty of easy recipes that even the laziest of college students can pull off. Try to find a cookbook that highlights simple and frugal meal prep.
  • Fleece Blanket: This is a good small gift idea for college kids – a warm fleece blanket. The nights can get really cold during the winter. Your college student can snuggle up to a nice fleece blanket while they are studying or reading a good book on those long nights they can’t sleep.
  • Tool Set: Repairman can be so expensive when you are a broke college student. Why not have them learn how to make repairs around the dorm or apartment with a tool kit? Maybe some DIY projects might make them skilled enough that their roommates might end up coming to them to help with repairs.
  • Essential Oil Diffuser: Some days, the dorm or apartment just doesn’t smell right. Opening the window might work, but that’s only one days of warm weather. Essential oil diffusers are a better alternative to fans and incense. They are easy to change out. You just turn the stick to get a fresher scent. You keep doing this until the oil is used up. You can also find blends that help with sleep, something many college kids are short on.
  • Kindle and Tablets: Textbooks nowadays are pricey in the campus bookstore. Kindles and tablets have made it easier for college students save money and get the books that they need to succeed in school. If you give them a kindle or a tablet, your college student can go to Amazon and rent the books that they need for the semester. Plus, a kindle or tablet doesn’t take up much space in the backpack.
  • Snacks: Food can be expensive for the average college student living on their own. Why not give them some snacks to help with the munchies during their study time? You don’t even have to resort to junk food. There are plenty of healthy snacks that will not go bad that you can give your college student this Christmas.
  • Hair Dryer: Giving a hair dryer for Christmas might be the best thing that you can do for your college student this year. Girls and some guys are constantly washing their hair. Sometimes, letting it air dry isn’t the best option. A hair dryer for a present will brighten up your college student’s day.
  • Video Games and a game system: Yes, sometimes college students need a break from studying, clubs, and their jobs. A few video games would provide the outlet and escape that they need. Now, what would go with video games? A gaming system, of course. No matter what the brand or the game, your college student won’t be so stressed out before the semester is over.
  • Phone Charger: Everyone has the problem of their cell phone battery dying on them when they are in public. It’s especially worse if they need their cell phone in case of an emergency. Extra phone chargers would make the ideal Christmas. If your college student loses one, they could just pull out the spare that they would be carrying with them. Best part? They could use their charger in their dorm/apartment, car, or a public place.
  • Laptop: Every college student needs a computer of their own when they go away to school. A laptop is the easiest solution for they problem. They are portable, so college students can carry them to class or the library. Plus, laptops are much easier to manage with care and maintenance than a desktop computer. This is a perfect gift idea for the college-bound kid.
  • Kitchen Set: Back on the subject of cooking, it never hurts to buy your college student a kitchen set when they go away for school. They could have their cooking utensils, pots, pans, and silverware that they need in the kitchen. Coupled with the cookbooks mentioned above, your college student will be making a home-cooked meal before the semester is over.
  • Printer: Sometimes, printing on campus can eat up money if your college student isn’t careful. A printer will help them save money and make their projects the envy of their class. Look for a unit that is small or even portable.
  • Flashlights: These are must in case the power goes out in the dorm or apartment or if your college student needs to make a run in the darkness really quick. A smaller flashlight with a hook would make this gift idea even better for your child.

There are many gift ideas for college age kids this year. This list isn’t your only option, however. Check out my hottest gift list for 2016 which includes many gift ideas that are perfect for a college-aged child. Also, take a long around Amazon for more ideas and give your college student a gift that you both will not regret giving and receiving this Christmas.