Christmas Gift Ideas for the Man Who Has Everything

Christmas will be here before you know it! If you have a lot of guys on your list, you better start thinking now. Many of us dread shopping for men. I mean, how many polo-style shirts, pajama pants, and boxers does anyone really need?

Just once, you’d like to see him really “wowed”, or at least amused by your gift. Yes, if you had a ton of money, the “wow effect” would be easy. But, for most of us, that’s just out of the question and we just settle for the same old, tried-and-true, gifts for men. The best we can hope for is a “woah”.

Purchasing a gift for the man who has everything can be a daunting and challenging task. So, exercise care and avoid becoming stressed out or frustrated. Just take into consideration the man’s personality and interest and then try to select an original and unique gift. Also, do realize that time and effort will be required in order to make the gift truly special.

For the Man Who Has Everything

Desserts, Gourmet Gift Baskets and World Famous Cookbookshard to shop for men

Deserts sound simple and common but they actually make memorable Christmas gifts. They may be obtained from Specialty stores online or they may be purchased from your own local chefs. A wide range of deserts options include cakes, pies, cupcakes, gourmet gift baskets, cookies and candies. One example of a great desert gift would be the Key Lime Pie offered by the online store Neiman Marcus.

High end chocolates sold by online retailers make great choices as well. DVD cookbooks written by world famous chefs are also nice and many men actually enjoy receiving cookbooks as a gift. In selecting a cookbook,do exercise judgment and select a book that would be appealing to the man.

Personalized Videos

movie gift for him“It’s a Wonderful Life” for instance. It is old and was originally produced in 1941. Today, it still stands as one of the best movies of all times and around Christmas time the movie is watched by millions over and over again. A great video can be a truly memorable gift.

In creating the video, do consider items that are important to the man. Would he appreciate receiving honor and appreciation or would he find a humorous video more enjoyable? Would he enjoy a video collection of his enjoyable trips or would he prefer having a showcase of his hobbies and important events? Would he treasure a video highlighting the life you’ve shared together or would he prefer a biography detailing his life from childhood to adulthood?

Be creative and also keep in mind that creation of a quality video worthy to serve as gift will often require creativity, time and effort. Useful information concerning personalized videos with music may be available at the website Animoto.

Gift Cards

Many people underestimate the value of Gift cards and often associate them with very low end stores. Gift card, however, have man who has everythingmany great qualities and they can be found in all types of stores. Tiffany & Co, Giorgio Armani, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Microsoft and Apple all offer Gift Cards. Even some of the very high end designer stores like Gucci offer Gift Cards in few select stores. So, do not shun Gift cards and do consider them when finalizing your gift decisions.

Gift cards are especially useful in situations in which the man has made suggestions indicating that you should not purchase him a gift. His words should be considered or you could end up buying him a gift that he would never use. Use your own knowledge and judgment in determining if the man you are purchasing for would be appreciative of a card. Some men,(and people in general) are just appreciative of the small things in life. They can truly value and appreciate a $25.00 gift card from Starbucks from a person who gave it from the heart just as much as they can appreciate a million dollars from a millionaire.

10 Funny Christmas Gifts for Guys

So, what do you do to keep your guys from being disappointed on Christmas morning? If all else fails, go for a funny gift. The man who has everything usually also has a sense of humor! Think about what your guy’s interests are, or some special quality about him that you love. Choose something that will amuse him, but make sure it’s useful!

Here are 10 funny gift ideas for him:

1. Sock Sandals
Possibly one of the silliest pairs of socks he’ll ever own. You know he’s going to commit the “socks with sandals” fashion no-no anyway, why not help him along by combining the two for him? Even when he isn’t wearing shoes, he’ll still look dressed.

2. The Bacon and Eggs (Hold the Eggs) Gift Box
There is probably no man alive that doesn’t love bacon and every meal that contains bacon. This is for the man that doesn’t just like bacon, but LOVES bacon. The man that dreams about bacon. Gift set includes such amazing items as bacon lip balm, bacon gumballs, and bacon soap. See it HERE.

3. “F Bomb” Paperweight
Does your husband have so much paperwork stacked up that he sometimes feels like dropping the “F bomb” at work? This sculpted paperweight, featuring a lower case “f” placed in front of a bomb, was made by artist Fred Conlon. Its subtle humor allows your overworked man to use the F bomb without getting fired. Cast in recycled steel, it’s best not to throw this “F word” around.

4. The Beer Pouch Hoodie
How genius, finally someone thought of a way for your man to hold his beer, or any other kind of beverage, without using his hands. Who needs a cup holder anyway? This amazing hoodie leaves the hands free for whatever he needs to do like trips to the portable toilet at concerts, and doing the wave at sporting events. Beverage pocket has an insulating liner that keeps your beverage cold and your hoodie dry.

5. Gummy Shot Glasses
Combining candy and alcohol sounds like the perfect combination. Pour your favorite alcoholic beverage into these sweet shot glasses, toss it back, and finish by eating the glass. Glasses come in 6-packs, hold 1 fluid ounce and are 100% edible and delicious. For a cheaper option, you can even make your own. Look out jello-shots, this may be the next new craze!

6. The Grill Sergeant Ultimate BBQ Apron
Men like to think they are the master of the grill. The “grill sergeant apron” lets your man not only command respect, but make a delicious ribeye too. Designed in a tough camouflage print, this multi-purpose apron has space for 6 canned beverages, several bottles of condiments, and BBQ tools. Let him cook dinner tonight!

7. Man Crates
There are so many different options to choose from in the Man Crate, but they all come in a very manly, no-frills crate complete with crowbar to open up the box. For a new daddy, or father-to-be, choose the “New Dad Tactical Bag”. This amazing gift comes with a “tactical attache” bag – hey, it’s a satchel! Babies will be swaddled in camo and peacefully soothed with a “mustache” pacifier for pure manliness. Dad receives a handy baby owner’s manual, high energy drink, and beef jerky.

8. Brown Paper Lunchbag
This looks just like the lunch sack he had when he was a kid, and his mommy sent him PB&J to school for lunch. But, this isn’t your old-timey brown paper bag. It’s constructed from insulated Tyvek which is durable, waterproof, and keeps hot items hot, and cold items cold. You can also write his name on the bag so his lunch and milk money don’t get stolen at work by bullies. This is a great gift idea for UK chaps since Luckies is in London but US buyers will have to deal with extra shipping.

9. Red Party Cup Wine Glasses
Nothing says, “I’m high class, but I came to party!”, quite like ceramic red party cup wine glasses. Break the ice among your swanky wine drinking friends, by pouring their favorite Merlot into one of these fancy cups. Watch their faces as you make a toast by raising your party cup high.

10. Monty Python Ministry of Silly Walks Watch
For the Monty Python fan, what could be better than watching John Cleese swing his limbs around the face of your watch? The legs move around the dial with the hours and minutes, and the arms swing constantly with each second. When he’s in a boring meeting, or sitting in traffic, this silly watch will make him smile. Check it out here.

Hopefully you find something perfect for your guy with these Christmas gift ideas for men who have everything. The best thing about these funny gifts for guys selections, is that if HE doesn’t want them, you will probably enjoy them instead. Get shopping now before these sell out on-line.