Christmas Gift Ideas for Teachers

Every child has a favorite teacher and when Christmas rolls around they can’t wait to give them a gift to show that fondness. A Christmas gift for your child’s teacher goes a long way in showing that you care for the well-being of a professional who spends most of the time helping your child. Choosing a perfect gift for your teacher friend can be daunting.  But, just what is the perfect gift for a teacher?

Here are some unique gift ideas you might want to give your child’s teacher this coming Christmas.


A Durable Bag

Teachers carry lots of things to and back from school. For instance, teachers need a helping hand when it comes to carrying home a whole bunch of assignment papers to be marked overnight. Buying your teacher a hardy bag or a messenger bag that is large enough to accommodate a lot of items your teacher needs to carry to and from school every day can go a long way.

Your child can be a good source of hints on what his or her teacher likes most. For instance, if your teacher friend likes carrying lunch boxes most days, a lunch box might be a perfect gift idea to make his or her traveling easy and hassle-free. Or your child can help you decide their teacher’s favorite color for choosing a bag of that color.


Teachers are the busiest lot of workers who barely find time to prepare their lunch given the limited time and loads of work they handle all the time. A snack for your teacher friend might be an incredible way of showing you care for him or her. However, you should focus on buying snacks that are easy to keep in their lunch boxes or desks.

For instance, flavored almonds, jerky bars and maybe a trail mix will be a healthy option to keep your teacher filled up without any side effects. You can look for places where you can find packages of snacks that can last your teacher friend a good number of school days.

An Emergency Kit

True, most schools offer first aid kits, but this may not be helpful to your teacher friend and the emergencies that might arise in the course of the school day. Though this gift may require you to do more, it is one of the best gift ideas your teacher will never forget. Depending on the taste and lifestyle of the teacher, you can brainstorm some of the items your kid’s teacher might need during the day. A few items may include travel toiletries (baby wipes, hand sanitizers, lip balm, and deodorant), mints, travel sewing kit an extra cell phone charger and other items they might be essential for your teacher.

Teachers do a great job for our children and some of the tasks they do predispose them to germs that children carry every day. As a parent, you want to appreciate your teacher by presenting a Snowman-inspired bottle of hand sanitizer. This will send clear signals that you have the well-being of the teacher at heart. You can consider other gifts that go hand in hand such as Snowflake Soaps or Cinnamon Candle Gift. Apart from protecting the teacher from germs, these gifts act as a perfect decoration for a teacher’s desk, too.

Home Gifts

While teachers spend most of their time at school, they don’t live in the classroom forever. For this reason, buying a gift that can be used at home can be a good thing to do. Preparing for a home-based gift should not be a hard thing to do. You can get crafty and innovative and make your teacher smile. Making a lovely Christmas picture or painting that will pop on your child’s desk.

Special candles, soaps are a perfect way of setting the mood during this holiday. A Christmas décor is a fun way of making the holiday season of your teacher better and enjoyable. Other gift ideas may include Stenciled Christmas Mugs, Christmas Paint Pail and Smooshy Stack Trees Frame.

Homemade Coasters

Home coasters are a good gift to a teacher’s desk, so you need to buy some affordable cork coasters. You can cut and glue them with a masking tape to help you come up with designing process. Cover the varnish and include the ribbon to transform your gift into a perfect choice for your teacher.

Homemade Baked Gifts

Why not try to bake festive bakes for your teacher friends. This can be an ideal gift idea if you plan to give the gift to more than one teacher. You can make a batch of truffles and sweets. If you have more than one teacher you want to give a gift, make a big batch. You need to wrap up your sweets or truffles to make your presentation lovely. Here is a list of ideas you can consider:

  • Easy chocolate fudge
  • Magic snow sparks
  • Chocolate truffles

Homemade Cards

You can keep it simple when making your card. Homemade cards are memorable gifts you can give your teachers, especially if you let your child write a personal and inspirational message to his or her teacher. Allowing your child to design these cards will make your teacher happy and feel cared. These are especially great gift ideas for preschool teachers who will appreciate the personal touch.

Goodie Jars

This is another good idea that will have for your teacher. You can use your old jam jars or you can purchase a few from the shops and fill them with a set of goodies. The content may include bath salts, bombs, sweets, spices and peppercorns. Creating a pretty label and a securely placed ribbon will go a long way in making your gift lovely.

Gift Cards for Teachers

Last but not least, gift cards can be a great way of getting your teacher happy. Besides being cheap and readily affordable gifts around, they are the best non-monetary ways you can appreciate the one you love.

The great thing with gift cards is that a teacher can pick something out that they need or just do something fun. Visa gift cards are a great general choice. Otherwise, a gift card to a local eatery or store is a great choice.

More Handmade Gift Ideas for Teachers and Bus Drivers

Sure, there are a lot of expensive items you can buy, wrap, and hand it to your kids and have them give it to their teacher. But a gift like that doesn’t really come from the heart, does it?

Your children would probably be much happier if they could give a gift that they made with their own hands. To help you meet the challenge, here are some additional Christmas ideas for teachers (and bus drivers!) that you and your children can make together that are sure to bring more meaning to the occasion.


Decorative Gift Buckets
This is an attractive and easy to make gift that your child will be proud of and her teacher will love. Start with an inexpensive, pre-decorated (Or you and your child can decorate it yourself) bucket. Fill the bucket with plastic straw. Top it all off with a small, inexpensive gift like earrings or an individual serving of gourmet coffee—any little thing will do. Remember, it’s the thought that counts. Your child’s teacher will love it!

Hot Chocolate Snowman
For this novel and attractive gift, you’ll need 3 wide-mouth Mason jars (You can find Mason jars at any big-box store), some marshmallows, some instant hot chocolate mix, and some peppermints. Now, fill each of the Mason jars with one of the ingredients. Once that’s done, apply mild glue to the top of the jars containing the hot chocolate mix and the peppermints.

Place the jar containing the containing the hot chocolate mix on top of the one with the peppermints. Then, set the jar with the marshmallows on top. The marshmallows make the perfect backdrop for the snowman’s face. Decorate the top look like a snowman, tie with a colorful ribbon and your child’s teacher will have all the ingredients to make a delicious mug of hot chocolate.

Colorful Homemade Christmas Baskets
This gift is really a winner and it costs next to nothing to make. All you need is a paper plate and bowl decorated with patterns that reflect the season; a glue gun; some plastic wrap, ribbons, and some homemade treats. Take the glue gun and apply a ribbon of glue to the bottom of the bowl. Turn the plate upside down and place the adhesive-covered end of the bowl to the overturned plate. Then let set for a while.

Once set, flip over and you have a beautiful homemade tray. Lay out a nice section of the plastic wrap and sit your new Christmas tray on it. Scatter a few homemade or store-bought treats on it, pull up the plastic wrap, tie at the top with a ribbon and you and your child has just made one of the most beautiful Christmas trays ever. You can add additional decorations if you like, either way your child’s teacher will simply adore it.

Happy Holiday Gift Bag
This is probably the easiest of the Christmas gift ideas for teachers to make. It is ideal for those who feel they do not possess even the minimalist of skills to create any of the other projects. Nevertheless, it is personable and conveys a lot of warmth.

All you need is an attractive gift bag and whatever gifts you decide are appropriate. They can range from chocolates to nail polish to perfume. You can even add a gift card if you like. Add a name tag for the recipient and you have a nice gift for your child’s teacher.

If, on the other hand, your child’s teacher happens to be a man (or a male bus driver), then the gifts should reflect that. The chocolates and the gift card can stay, but you may have to substitute something a little more manly for the nail polish and perfume.

Gift ideas for your teacher don’t need to cost you a fortune. Simple, affordable yet eclectic gifts are easy to come up with. Coming up with the right Christmas ideas for teachers is really not that difficult. In fact, it can be a lot of fun. Not only will you be making a special gift for someone your child looks up to, but you’ll be spending quality time with your child while collaborating on a gift for your child’s favorite teacher. For better results, you can involve your child to help with giving you hints on what his or her teacher might appreciate.