Best Gifts for Stay-at-Home Moms

With the prevalence of online collaboration apps and other digital technologies, you can now work a ton of different jobs in the comfort of your own home. On the other hand, stay-at-home moms already have a full-time job taking care of the kids and ensuring the smooth running of the household.

However, depending on the number of kids and their age, stay-at-home moms’ workload can range from heavy to light, potentially leaving plenty of productive time to spare, for that much needed extra income. Whatever the case may be, here are some gift ideas you can use to make their lives easier, more productive, and fulfilling.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

If you live in a house with kids, there doesn’t come a day when there is not something in need of wiping, cleaning and removing. It takes a lot of time and work, and that lost time adds up, instead of being used for something more uplifting and enjoyable.

Although we are not yet in the Jetsons territory quite yet, robotic cleaners have proven their merit, if they are worked with properly. At the very least, deploying a robotic cleaner will significantly take the workload off your shoulders.

They have become very affordable from the first time they were introduced, and over generations of iterations have increased their efficiency, and awareness of their immediate environment.

The best entry-level robotic helper would be the Housmile Robotic Vacuum Cleaner. Once you get familiarized enough with its ‘habits’ and quirks, all you will have to worry about is occasionally cleaning the brushes and changing the filter bags.

A super practical gift for anyone who is swamped with housework, or has something better in mind than engaging in the drudgery of sweeping and vacuuming.

Fridge Planner

When you are a stay-at-home mom, you are often besieged by obligations and malleable schedules, which makes it hard to navigate through life. Making sure that all the kids are where they are supposed to be, reminders for what to buy, events schedule, expenditure to avoid, bills to pay. Things can pile up quickly if you are not organized to begin with.

And to help you organize your life is the Magnetic Refrigerator Monthly Calendar, coming straight from the field of university classrooms and office conference rooms. Only now in more compact and flexible form, but still retaining the same feature of whiteboards:

  • Dry eraser
  • Magnetic surface
  • Scratch resistant
  • Full warranty
  • Fits on any sized fridge

It can also be pre-wrapped as a gift!


You don’t have to own bulky, expensive computers to watch Netflix, listen to music, play video games, or do productive work. You can have all of that in a medium-sized computer, between a smartphone and a laptop, called – a tablet.

The most known tablets are from Apple – iPad and from Microsoft – Surface. Unfortunately, they are also exceedingly expensive since they are packed with high-end hardware, and of course you pay for the branding as well.

But Chinese come to the rescue once again!

Like they have done with smartphones – creating high quality, super cheap, and well-designed smartphones that cost much less than their flagship counterparts in Apple and Samsung – so too they have unleashed competition-destroying tablets in the tablet market.

One of the best Chinese products in this arena to be released in a long time is the CHUWI Hi10.

Besides offering FullHD resolution on a coveted IPS screen, its best feature is its capability to switch between two operating systems – either Android or Windows 10 – so you can have the best of the both worlds!

Furthermore, you can dock it with a keyboard so it becomes a smaller laptop, perfect for doing online work as a stay-at-home mom.

Amazon Echo

I bet you didn’t even know that a product like this existed, but if you have ever heard of the phrase ‘the internet of things’, then the Amazon Echo is currently its best mainstream manifestation.

To put it succinctly, Amazon Echo is primarily designed to make it easier to do everything, including not having to push buttons or work through complicated interfaces in order to get what you want, and Amazon Echo can do a whole lot of things:

It can play music omni-directionally from all the major online music services like Spotify, Amazon Music, TuneIn, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and many more as they are added.

It can call or text message anyone hands-free, or connect with other Echo devices present in your home.

It can listen to your voice and start answering your questions about news, traffic reports, weather reports, sports stats and events, start your audiobooks from Audible, control your Fire TV on Amazon.

It can manipulate a whole range of devices: lights, TV’s fans, thermostats, doors, locks, sprinkles, etc. And the compatibility is huge, they can be WeMo, Sony, Nest, Samsung SmartThings, Philips Hue.

In fact, it doesn’t make sense to list what Amazon Echo can do, because its modularity allows it to be continually updated with new features, while improving old ones.

Amazon Echo should definitely be your top consideration as a gift choice for anyone, let alone for a stay-at-home mom who would absolutely love to have such a useful machine companion.

Audible Membership

You can count on Amazon yet again to create a service that has never existed before, and now when you are using it, you cannot imagine a time without it.

Reading books usually requires a dedicated time and focus to properly immerse yourself in the world the writer has carefully crafted for the reader.

However, not all books are created the same, some require less focus as they do not necessitate a great deal of mental focus. After all, a collection of recipes can be a book, as well as a collection of self-help tips, light fiction and romance novels, etc.

Audible gives you an amazing flexibility to enjoy listening to professional and pleasant voices reading from a huge selection of books from any author and any genre. If you are jogging, washing dishes, folding laundry…you can do all of that while still being immersed in other worlds, in other people’s thoughts, thus uplifting your spirit and learning something new.

With Audible, you don’t have to endlessly postpone reading books, just sign up for an Audible Membership and have someone read the book to you. Remember, this was a privilege for nobles and kings not so long ago.