Best Gift Baskets for Christmas

basketA gift basket used to be a plain, wicker basket filled with apples and oranges but today’s gift givers are getting creative. If you are looking for a unique way to give a great Christmas present then try one of these gift basket ideas. You won’t be sorry!

Food Gift Baskets for Christmas

If you really want that WOW factor, know the recipient’s tastes. Here are a few really great food basket gift ideas – with the trick being to buy in small sizes so you have greater variety in your gift basket.

Coffee – Everybody knows a coffee lover, and this is an extra easy basket to prepare. Include a nice mug and some smaller packages of flavored coffees. Add some gourmet creamers from the dairy section or look for some fancy flavored sugars like maple or cinnamon. You can also include a gift certificate to your coffee lover’s favorite java joint to give them something special when they’re on the go.

Tea Baskets– With all the news lately about the benefits of tea, more and more people have started to drink it. Some people are tea fanatics and some just enjoy an occasional cup.

With the rising popularity of tea, a tea gift basket or a tea sampler makes an excellent gift. If you are looking for the occasional drinker then a simple tea sampler may be nice. For the tea lover, a tea gift set (with accessories) or teapot is something to consider.

Gift Baskets for Diabetics – Since sugar and carbs are off the menu, get creative and don’t just shop in the sugar free section of your supermarket. Find some sugarless specialty jams with some low-carb and sugar free gourmet breads to enjoy with them. Protein is super important to folks with these special dietary needs, so look for some great varieties of nuts or seeds. As a personal touch, you can include some fancy or easy diabetes friendly recipes in your gift basket printed on fancy paper or recipe cards.

Junk Food – This may sound like it defeats the purpose of healthy eating, but a junk food basket is a great gift idea for a teen or young adult. This is where you will hit the regular aisle in the grocery store to pick up popular items like potato chips, soda pop and candy. Be sure to add in a few healthier options like granola or nuts to even out the junk food binge!

Gourmet Food Basket – Choose some good gourmet cheeses, dips or hummus (if you will be able to refrigerate) and some gourmet crackers and pita chips to enjoy them with. Add in some good quality nuts, some sausages and maybe a few pieces of unusual fruits with instructions for preparing and eating. If food baskets are not something you want to give, then you still have tons of options.

Non-Food Gift Basket Ideas

Books – Bookworms really aren’t that hard to please. The only problem is finding books that they haven’t yet read. Good advice on these baskets is to go indie. Pick up a few by lesser-known authors in the genres that your friend or family members love and they may just find their next favorite book. If your friend has an e-reader, think about getting an Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Smashwords gift card so they can choose what they like or pre-order a book that you know they’ve been waiting for. You can also include a few yummy goodies, like popcorn, hot chocolate or gourmet candies and a special bookmark to round out the basket of best xmas gifts.

Pet Owners – People with cats, dogs or exotic critters are always happy to receive items for their pets. You can find great treats (buy organic, if you can find them) and some fun toys would make a great basket. Just make sure to casually ask if their pet has any dietary restrictions and be mindful of the toys you buy – you don’t want them to have stuffed animal bits all over their home after their dog’s chewing spree! You can also ask a vet for advice on buying treats and toys.

Beauty Baskets – For the girlie-girl in your life, a beauty basket just makes sense! Find some great cosmetics in their favorite colors and a few bottles of nail polish with a manicure kit. Also include some pretty hair accessories and some spa essentials like bath bombs or bubble bath.

Baskets for Him – Guys are often hard to buy for, but a gift basket can go a long way! Find some action movies on DVD and make an entertainment basket or some fancy shaving essentials and “man” soap in scents like sandalwood. If he’s a golfer, get him some golf essentials or books on how to make his game better and include some time at the local driving range.

Baskets for Kids – Children are pretty easy to buy for – just pick up an assortment of toys and books – after checking with the parents first to see what they really like. One thing you can do to make this gift even more fun is to wrap each individual item so they can have a ball tearing them all open!