Best Christmas Presents for Toddlers

If you are looking for toys for toddlers, you will find that there are many great choices.

Twenty or more years ago when most of us were kids we probably all had the same few toys. Many may not even be considered safe today.

But now the choice in toddler toys are almost endless. In fact, the the choices may be too endless and it can be difficult to even know what to buy. But as with most things, popularity and shared opinions can make the choices easier.

two year old toys

Choosing the right toys for any child can be difficult. Their interests and preferences can vary greatly and it can be overwhelming to wander through a toy store wondering which toys are both fun and flexible enough to make a good choice.

But the good news about picking toys for toddlers is that it’s an age where children are young enough that nearly all of them are still working on the same physical and mental skills. This means that a relatively simple variety of choices can suit the needs of most children.

Building Blocks

Building blocks are a traditional favorite. They’re available in a variety of materials, and can often be found in bright colors. They’re a wonderful toy because they allow children to practice coordination skills while giving them complete freedom to choose what they will build. They can also be a wonderful gift because even if a child already has blocks they’ll be happy to have more because it allows them to build bigger and more elaborate structures. As a result, if you don’t know exactly what a child already has, a set of blocks is never a waste.

Dolls and Stuffed Toys

Another great toy for two year olds is simple dolls. This doesn’t just refer to the traditional dolls played with by girls, but includes other types of small stuffed toys shaped like animals or people. The play opportunities offered by dolls are endless. Depending on a child’s temperament, a doll could just as easily attend a tea party as it could learn to fly. A doll’s history and personality is determined entirely by the child who owns it. This allows them a level of freedom in their self-expression that few other things can. Because each doll is often assigned an individual personality and set of preferences, children also often enjoy having many different dolls.

Electronic Learning Devicesereader for kids

Companies like LeapFrog and others have been making electronic reading devices for years. But as technology advances, these companies have been wise enough to revamp their product designs to mimic the latest adult devices.

The latest advance in learning systems design are the new learning tablets for kids. These systems resemble a tablet PC which is not only cool looking but also a smart format for a handheld learning tool. And these tablets do more than just read books, they come with their own apps for even more educational tools and games and make great electronic Christmas gifts.

The most important consideration in choosing toys for toddlers is always that the toys are safe. Even a child that doesn’t normally tend to put things in his mouth should never be trusted with a toy that isn’t clearly labeled as being safe for children under three. There are plenty of options out there which are tested and assured to be safe for a small toddler, so it isn’t worth the risk of giving them something that is intended for an older child.

Even if you choose not to go with either dolls or blocks, you can use these ideas as inspiration for the characteristics that you should look for in toys for toddlers. These are highly flexible toys which can be played with in many ways. That way, as a child grows and develops his or her skills, the toys can continue to be a part of their lives as rewarding playmates.