Best Christmas Gifts for 2014

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The purpose of this site is to help you in the gift buying process by suggesting great gift ideas. Let’s face it, buying gifts for certain people can be difficult or sometimes you just run out of ideas. But there are always ideas out there, you just need to be gifts

On the blog you will find some general articles on gifting in addition to the hot gift lists. I hope to add more soon but even I am running out of time!

With that in mind, where I will be really focusing for right now is finding the best Christmas gifts for 2014 because that time is coming quickly. Can you believe it?

I have been watching some of the bestseller lists from various retailers and looking at Sunday circulars to figure out what some of the best gifts will be for this holiday season. And I think I have found some great stuff to share with you here.

If you are ready to start shopping, go ahead and see my list of the hottest Christmas gifts for 2014. I  have also added a blog post entitled Most Popular Christmas Gifts 2014 which break downs gift ideas by people: best gifts for men, best gifts for her, etc. Between those two lists you should be able to find something.

Top Gifts for Christmas 2014

Of course, toys are always a big Christmas seller in general. There are some new toys out this year that are sure to be popular. And there are also a few toy lines from last year that will still be a big hit with kids.

For older kids and teenagers you usually can’t go wrong with cell phone accessories or an iTunes card. Boys who are gamers will be looking for the latest PS4 or Xbox One games. Teen girls can be a bit tougher to shop for but I have found nail polish kits, lip gloss kits or just an Amazon gift card to be welcome choices most of the time.

For adults, expect to see a lot of electronics on most christmas lists. I expect tablets like the latest iPad or the the Kindle Fire to be hugely popular gifts again this Christmas season. Computer and tablet accessories will also make a great gift for the person who already owns these items. Streaming media players have also become hot as more and more people watch their favorite TV shows on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime.

But there are many non-electronic items that are classic gifts. I’m thinking of a watch or perfume for a woman, or a shaving kit for a man. There are always some unique twists on the old stand-by gift ideas to make them great. A gift basket suited to a person’s hobbies is also nice – something like a wine basket or even a golf basket.

Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas

I also hope to add a list of affordable gift ideas for when you need a small gift for someone. I am thinking of people like your child’s teacher or your coworker. You want to buy them a little gift to say thanks for all they do, but finding something nice for cheap can sometimes tough.

Expect to see some great sales this year since the economy is still a bit slow, at least that is my hope. Retailers will be competing for your business and that can mean some great deals for all of us. But even then, money is really tight for many people so I hope to add some tips for how you can save money on your gift buying or maybe a list of affordable gifts.

But if you don’t see something specifically that you like, hopefully those lists will at least spark some ideas of your own. If not, send me an email through the contact form and let me know what are you are having trouble with – good luck!